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Nuud deodorant

Nuud Deodorant Review!

Hello All,

I came across the Nuud ad on Facebook while I was casually browsing a few weeks ago and even though I ignored it in the first instance, my curiosity got piqued. Nuud claims that their deodorant is carefree and sustainable. I was interested in the claim that this anti-odorant is magically effective for 3-7 days. I have been trying to stick to a natural deodorant without sodium bicarbonate content since long as my skin is sensitive. I ordered the Nuud Deodorant Starter Pack.

Nuud deodorant

Nudd Deodorant is fresh without aluminum, parabens, petrochemicals, salts, and perfume. Nuud comes packaged in a bioplastic (100% recyclable/ biodegradable) tube made from sugarcane. Nudd is also available in a limited edition black pack.

Nuud deodorant

Nuud deodorant is not an antiperspirant. So, if you use it, you’ll notice that it will make you sweat naturally and neutralize the odour causing bacteria with a special ingredient called Micro silver. Nuud’s ingredient list is natural and includes coconut oil, castor oil, zinc oxide, almond oil, mineral clay, vegetable emulsifier, castor oil extract, vegetable mix-enhancer(propylene carbonate) and carnauba wax.

Nuud deodorant

Nudd has a patented formula that is super concentrated. It comes in the form of a silver white-colored paste. Just squeeze out a pea-sized amount and apply directly to the armpits. It spreads easily and is non-sticky. It is free from fragrance so you don’t smell of anything. After switching to Nudd, my underarms felt fresh, even after an exercise or a hectic daily routine.  It has significantly decreased odour and kept my underarms dry. I didn’t notice any stains on my clothes.  Nuud deodorant is a smart product. Nuud deodorant is definitely expensive considering regular usage but I got no plans to revert back to chemical deodorants. I might stick to some other natural deodorant alternatives available.

Nuud deodorant Nuud deodorant Nuud deodorant Nuud deodorant

Please note that Nuud deodorant is an oil-based cream. It has a hydrating effect on the skin but when used in excess quantity, it may block the glands from secreting sebum and clog the underarms. You will have to use it sparingly. It also contains almond oil, in case you are someone with nuts allergies, you should be careful while using the product. I recommend you to do a patch test first to ascertain if the product suits you. I think this product is best suited for normal to dry skin than oily-combination skin types.

Price – £12.95 (15ml) Lasts for 6 weeks on an average + Free Shipping Worldwide

Where to BuyNuddCare Website

Note: I was provided with a voucher to get a free product in return for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are my own and not influenced by the company in any manner.