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Vishisht Natural Skin Care

Vishisht Natural Skin Care !!

Hello All,

Vishisht is a natural skincare and home decor brand based in Bangalore, India. They have an exclusive range of natural skincare products, handmade candles, and other home decor items. All their products are handmade and of high quality. Vishisht does not add any harmful chemicals, preservatives in any of their skincare products. They are an ISO certified company. The price range is very affordable. All the skincare products come packed in cute glass mason jars which can be used for future storage purposes as well.

Vishisht Natural Skin Care Vishisht Natural Skin Care

Today, I am going to feature four of my favorite products from Vishisht:

Vishisht Natural Skin Care Deodorant: Vishisht Deo contains tea tree – lavender – eucalyptus. It gives a refreshing feeling all day along with a sweat-free experience. The aroma is so good and stays for a long time. To use every day, just take a small amount and apply it under the arms. You can reapply as and when needed. Other ingredients include Cold-pressed virgin pure coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, baking soda, and cornstarch. Priced at Rs 200 for 40gms. The deo is free of lead, nickel, and other chemicals that harm the skin.

Vishisht Natural Skin Care Vishisht Natural Skin Care

Vishisht Natural Skin Care Rosewood Scent Candle: This candle is handmade and is of rosewood scent. I am in love with the subtle fragrance. These amazing scented mason jar candles for a perfect ambiance at home. The sweet fragrance works as aromatherapy. It is great for gifting on any occasion or simply for home decor. I love the handcrafted bow touch to it. Priced at Rs 200 for 300gms.

Vishisht Natural Skin Care Vishisht Natural Skin Care

Vishisht Natural Skin Care Foot Soak: Priced at Rs 350 for 250 gms. This jar is so huge and will last for nearly 2 months. It helps to cleanse the feet and relax the sore muscles. The Himalayan pink salt in it gives a soothing effect. It also contains eucalyptus essential oil with a medicated scent. It definitely hydrates and softens the skin. This product is best suitable for an at-home foot spa to pamper your tiring feet. You need to take a few spoons and pour in warm water. Dip the feet inside the water and let sit for 15 – 30 minutes. Wipe the feet off with a clean towel. Use once a week or as needed.

Vishisht Natural Skin Care Vishisht Natural Skin Care

Vishisht Natural Skin Care Lip Scrub: This lip scrub contains extra virgin pure olive oil mixed with sugar. It acts as a great exfoliant and feels moisturizing on the lips. It helps in healing chapped lips. It also helps to restore the natural color of lips. This also doubles up as a lipstick/lip makeup remover. Priced at Rs 150 for 20gms. This scrub gets rid of all the dead cells without stripping off the moisture.

Vishisht Natural Skin Care Vishisht Natural Skin Care

Don’t forget to check Vishisht Natural Skin Care. I really love using their products.

NOTE: The prices for each product has changed since my blog post, the following is the updated prices:

Deodorant – INR 249
Rosewood candle – INR 249
Foot Soak – INR 299
Lip Scrub – INR 199

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