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Spa Review – Pamper yourself at The Nature’s Co

Imagine a spa where all your senses are stimulated and you feel soothed and relaxed. A place where Aromatic products work to lull you into deep sleep while the therapists work their magic on you and relieve you of the day’s stress.

Recently I was gifted a Complimentary Spa voucher by The Natures Co for winning one of the contests hosted by them. Yesterday I visited the Spa clinic to redeem the voucher.
The Natures Co provides various Spa treatments and offers specialized therapies to help you rejuvenate and de-stress. 
The decor and design is minimalistic yet modern and can accommodate only one person at a time which is guaranteed to leave you rejuvenated from head to toe. 
Once I decided my treatments I was led down a dim room for my facial. The room was dimly lit and Surrounded by the soft sounds of music from the mall which almost lulled me to sleep. 
The spa is small but well-equipped; lighting is soft and gentle. The staffs are very professional 
I opted for a Facial Spa. They suggested me to do an anti acne Spa as my skin is oily type. The treatments vary according to the skin/hair type.

The facial included all of the basics such as cleansing, toning, exfoliation and massaging after which a face pack was applied. While I relaxed with a mask on my face and soothing eye pads over my lids, the therapist worked the tension out of my Facial muscles with a soothing massage. Once it dried the spa was followed by a warm steam by spreading a towel dipped in warm water on my face which got rid of the blackheads and dead cells from my face. The procedure was completed with a swirl of moisturiser on my face. Few drops of Facial Mist was also sprayed.
 The Natures Co uses two types of Face packs – Fullers earth pack for Oily acne prone skin and Corn pack with Exfolitants for Dry skin. They don’t use Exofilants for Oily skin as it may increase the break outs.They use only one type of massage cream for all skin types. The therapist used natural products and every procedure was explained to me and I felt very comfortable. While I relaxed with a mask on my face and soothing eye pads over my lids, the therapist worked the tension out of my facial muscles with a soothing massage. 
And with a final swirl of moisturizer my facial was completed. At the end of this treatment, my skin felt good and renewed. The treatment lasted for about 30 Minutes.
It was a relaxing evening for me.
Thanks to The Natures Co Team.
The whole Spa experience including a facial spa will cost you around Rs. 750 depending on the treatment.
Clicked this random pic after the Spa.I could feel a difference in my Skin.
A few Compliments from The Natures Co

Store Details:

Visit the website – http://www.thenaturesco.com
Store rating – 5/5

If you’re interested in having a good spa experience, Escape for a few hours from the real world with The Natures Co, and relax amongst the soothing sounds and the enticing aromas…