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Best Ball Dresses for your Body Type!

Hey all,
First thing to consider when choosing a ball dress is the body type or figure which is dependent on each individual. One should always choose a dress that best fits one’s body type. No matter your body type, shape, height, weight or size, there will be a fabulous dress out there waiting for you. All you need is an understanding of what suits your body and what doesn’t, how to highlight the positive features, and hide the negative ones. You have to show off only the features that you love. My style mantra has always been to dress for your body type which I am sharing with you today. I am also featuring my favourite dresses from Pickedlooks.
There are basically four types of body – Apple, Hourglass, Pear and Rectangle.

Apple –An apple-shaped body is “top heavy,” with features like wide torso, broad shoulders, and a full bust, waist, upper back and thinner arms, legs, hips. This body time tend to gain weight at the waistlines. Avoid wearing tight clingy shorts, low cuts and high-cuts. Avoid wearing an outfit with too many patterns. Do not wear any belt. Go for a dress with V-necks, plunging necklines, A-line dresses which need not be elaborate or have adornments. You can wear simple strapless and empire waisted dresses too to lengthen your body. You can pair your dress with a jacket and high heels. Your ideal dress will be the one with a structured bust and flowing skirt. 
Hourglass – If you’re an X shape, the hip and bust are almost of equal size with a narrow waist. Opt for defined waistline and fuller skirts. Highlighting your waist with a belt is a huge plus. Do not go for necklines like boat or a high neck with too many embellishments. 
Rectangle – Your waist measurement is smaller than the hips and bust measurement. Abdomen, buttocks, chest, and face will be fat. Opt for lower, wider necklines with embellishments. Dresses with beaded bust, empire waisted ball gowns, ornamented waist and fuller skirts will be ideal for you. Straight lines will fit you too. Choose dresses with bust ruffles, front panel detail and pleating. Showing off your back, arms and shoulders usually work well.

Pear – If you’re a pear shape, your hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement. You will be wider on the bottom than you are on top. Choose a dress with a lighter color on top and a darker color on the bottom. You can wear a lot of accessories. You can opt for embellished and corset type necklines. Your ideal dress is the one with Sweetheart necklines and a-line skirts. Necklines like boat, halter, asymmetric, illusion will be wonderful on you. 
Pickedlooks Ball Dresses Hamilton collection in a variety of styles, such as the sweetheart, strapless and low V-neck, is elegant and glamorous. Simple or exquisite, classic or dazzling colour, our fabulous ball dresses in Hamilton will help you shinning in any occasion. You will never regret shopping there.