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Design your own Custom Handbags at Toteteca Bag Works !

I love handbags of all styles – Totes, Sling Bags, Carry All, Satchels, Shoulder Bags etc.  I received four bags recently for review purpose recently and the one I am gonna feature below is special because the design is customised by me to suit my personal preferences and taste. Do you love to customise your handbags to give it a personal touch and your own identity? Check out ToteTeca Bag works, ToteTeca Bag Works is a custom made handbag service that was launched in January of 2013. 
Have you seen a new bag with your friend and envied it in a different color? Do you want to have your and your love’s initials as a Monogram? Do you want to carry a lot of stuff in your bag? Do you like to have an extra zipper in your bag? You can! ToteTeca offers you the freedom of design. In simpler terms, you design it, ToteTeca makes it.

They make your choices easy with a gallery of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from and a handy visualization tool that allows you to see all customization options in a cool graphical user interface. You can choose the size and style of the bag; you can choose the colour of the body, lining etc. “ToteTeca Bag Works”, the online boutique which makes custom women’s bags, allowing you to select the color, design, finish and much more! 
All their products are made to order from scratch. Every Handbag at ToteTeca is made to your specifications from cutting to finish by their team of Master Craftsmen. The bags are individually handmade. Hand cut materials and hand stitched bodywork ensure a unique creation, every time.
The Faux Leather used is of the Highest Quality and is especially selected for their rich colors, soft touch and superior durability.  ToteTeca use positive alternatives that sidestep animal cruelty. All their bags are freshly made as and when you order.

About ToteTeca:
ToteTeca is a combination of two words, tote and teca. Tote is a type of handbag and teca literally means library in Latin.  Their goal is to create a “bag library “of sorts where people can select bags in any color and combination to create a bag that is truly unique. Their parent company Veda Lifestyle is a large scale manufacturer of Handbags. They believe every person is unique and that both the external look and internal functionality of their bag should reflect that. Your ToteTeca handbag is perfectly suited to your needs.

With Custom Internal Pocketing, ToteTeca Bags are the best mix of everyday functionality and convenience. For additional customization, just make a note in the comments section when placing your order and they will do the rest!

Why ToteTeca?
At ToteTeca, they work towards making your perfect handbag. They provide you with convenient options that allow you to bring out your individuality by designing and personalizing your custom handbag. Most handbags available today are mass market, mass manufactured products. A movement away from uniqueness and personalization is fast replaced with brand identity and anonymity. ToteTeca introduce you to Handbags that are made uniquely for you. A product that reflects your personality and style first. It is unique and altogether different experience. It is not the same like buying ready-made bags.

How to Order?

Go through the swatches to find the suitable shades
Go through the styles from the product section
Pick a style by clicking it
You will be redirected to Product Detail Page. Click on Customize

Visualization Tool. Give your preferences here and Finish your Order
Wait for the order while ToteTeca works on it

Details About My Bag: Large 45 Degree Tote

TT2340 Large 45 Degree Tote

Our 45 Degree Collection is for anyone looking for something different! Sleek Angular Lines and an unconventional quilt create a unique style that is both a personality and style statement for anyone carrying it. Young and Chic, we recommend bold color combinations for this collection.

  • Semi Soft Body.
  • Top Zipper Closure.
  • 1 Back Outside Zipper Compartment.
  • 2 Inside Body Compartments.
  • 1 Inside Body Zipper. 
  • Dimensions – 15” (H) x 16.5” (Top W), 12.5” (Bottom W) x 5” (D)
  • Handle Length: 22” 
  • Handle Drop: 10”
  • Product in Faux Leather.
  • Final Price: Rs. 2700/-

My Experience:

I personalised this bag with Red Body, Cranberry Handle and Trims, Gold Metalwork, Choco Brown Inside Lining and a Hanging Tag Monogram.

Go through the Materials section which has swatches of all the colours under natural light. You can order a swatch book for Rs 200 with different colours. You can also go through the Shares / Gallery section for some inspiration. They have Cash on delivery service available as well , which is a bonus! Shipping is free world wide. With customised orders, they cannot issue a refund against return of an item.

IL – Iswarya Laxmi – MEEEE!!! 
You can order your customised bag in simple 4 steps.  I designed my bag and placed my order. I was contacted by one of the executives via WhatsApp and I was sent the swatch of the material going to be used. I was asked if they can continue or I want to make any changes. After giving green signal to make my bag, I was informed that my bag will reach me in 10 days including the manufacturing time.
I got an update with tracking number once my parcel was shipped.  The product reached me as promised. See the packaging below. It had 3 layers of wrap and even the monogram and the handle was covered to prevent scratches. The delivery, processing and shipping was quick and they have a friendly customer support. I also received an Invoice for the order.

I am extremely happy and satisfied with my order. ToteTeca Bags make an excellent gift so why don’t you check them out and gift it to yourself or a special buddy. The price they charge is reasonable and doesn’t cost you a bomb. I can’t express how much I love my ToteTeca Bag. I usually carry a lot of things and this bag is spacious and giant. Have your style your way with ToteTeca.

ToteTeca Strengths:
  • No Extra cost
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Personalized touch
  • Monogram and special detailing
  • Top Quality
  • Great  Finish
  • Variety of choices
  • Free Shipping
  • Environment Friendly
  • Affordable and not over price
Find out ToteTeca: