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Designer Wedding Dresses ft Cocomelody!!

Hey All,

For every bride, there is a special wedding dress waiting for her. The perfect dress has to be discovered. Finding that wedding dress that will make your special day truly memorable is a lot of hard work.

Do you want to shop the latest designer wedding dresses with rich, modern textures and beautiful details but reluctant due to high prices? Why not checkout the wedding dresses collection at CocoMelody?

Cocomelody is a trustworthy online dress store with over 15 years of expertise and knowledge in the bridal profession. The portal features lots of amazing high-quality wedding dresses inspired from top designers, and surprisingly within our budget.

With some fabulous designs, CocoMelody knows the importance of specialized dress-making craftsmanship.  All dresses by CocoMelody are specially designed with bones so that the shape will be formed and reinforced and then the feminine curve can be perfectly manifested. CocoMelody dresses are priced very reasonable, ranging mainly from $299 to $499. From design to delivery, there is no middleman involved.  You can always find your dream dress at CocoMelody.com.

At CocoMelody.com, payment methods like Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer and Amazon Checkout are accepted to protect the customer interest. CocoMelody is rated by third-party certifications like Resellerratings and Weddingwire. Brides can get a reference from other buyers, or leave own comments to share experience with others. Customer Satisfaction is sure at CocoMelody.com! CocoMelody has set up physical dress boutiques in United States and Netherlands. You can get the real look and fitting experience with the feel of those nice wedding dresses.

Here are some of the wedding dress styles:

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses – These type of dresses scream luxury adding a magical fairy-tale look. Ball Gown Wedding Dresses feature a skirt made fully of tulle or satin. These dresses are powerful enough to transform your simple wedding into a royal event but you will have to shed some extra bucks.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses – These are also known by the name trumpet or fishtail dresses. These dresses adds an extra appeal with its feminine curves. Cherish that mythical sea beauty wedding you had once dreamed of during your childhood days and be the princess of the evening oozing with charm. Best suited for a smaller weddings. This dress wraps around your midsection before broadening out from halfway down the leg. It suits even plus size and pregnant women.

Chiffon Wedding DressesChiffon dresses talks a lot about your class. From the design to the fabric used, these are the most ideal dresses to have for any luxurious wedding. Apart from white, there are different colors to explore.

Tea Length Wedding Dresses – Keep it short, sweet and chic with an affordable tea length wedding dress for your big day. These dresses are apt for summer as it gives ample of room for you to breathe. Tea length style is sure to create nostalgia as it runs anywhere from the bottom of the calf to the ankle.

Lace Wedding Dresses –  If you’re a romantic bride, lace wedding dresses are perfect for you. They are popular for the flexibility and simplicity. Any design can be custom made. Lace Bridesmaid Dresses are equally popular especially in private and vintage weddings. Lace looks expensive but it doesn’t mean it is pricey. Nothing can be as enduring as lace.

Short Wedding Dresses –  These dresses are preferred by modern brides. Your bridal wear no longer has to be  traditional  and can be short. Short wedding dresses make a serious style statement. If you have killer legs, short dresses gives you an excuse to show off your pair of shoes.


There are so many great wedding dress designs, you’ll just have to see for yourself. Log on to Cocomelody !! Watch out for discounts. Presently,  Cocomelody has a special sale campaign. They offer a 40% off for all the wedding accessories and for all the wedding dresses that are more than 249$. Bridesmaids can grab the chance to buy 2-3 dresses with 10% off or 4+ dresses with 15% off! Isn’t that great? These offers will end on 29th of April!

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