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Doodle Collection Scribble Planner Review !

Hey All,

I am a person who love books. We live in an electronic era where everything is dominated by gadgets but yet nothing can replace the smell of books. I am reviewing the Scribble Planner by Doodle Collection today.

Doodle Collection

Product Description:

Are you a person who likes to be organized and have a plan for anything and everything? Can’t work without a to-do list? This Doodle Collection Scribble Planner is what you need to stay organized yet trendy. The choice of vibrant colors and a dateless planner is indeed what you need to keep up to your writer or arty persona and stay organized. This organizer is designed for you to keep your thoughts, plans and dates in one place! It’s fun, colorful and organized.

Price:  Scribble Planner by Doodle Collection India is priced at Rs 495

My Take on the Product:

This Scribble Planner by Doodle Collection features a simple cover with an artwork/illustration in a bluish orange background.This Scribble Planner will instantly capture anybody’s attention or interest. When Doodle Collection asked me to pick a dairy for review, I started browsing through their products. It didn’t take me much time to decide on this planner. Let me tell you why with this review.

Doodle Collection

I liked this Doodle Collection Scribble Planner because it allows me to personalize by adding colors, writing  dates, making lists and I can even stick some cute labels. In short, there are pages to draw or write whatever you feel like scribbling.

There is no pocket provided but you can easily create and stick a crafted paper pouch at the inside back cover of the planner like I do to throw in some receipts or sticky notes.

You can write a few inspiring quotes with typography to keep you motivated. The planner gives you lot of space and freedom and hence the basic function isn’t drowned out among all the other creative features included in this planner.

Doodle Collection

A minimalist person can manage the pages to be simple and neat and on the other hand if you’re a creative person, you can make it more interesting with your artistic skills!

Scribble Planner encourages you to think out of the box and helps you stay organized. You can draw, color and imagine with this beautifully crafted planner. This planner adds a lot of positivism and there is no dull moment while you leaf through this planner. You can easily visualize your aims and convert the dreams into reality. There’s a lot to like in this and no doubt it is my absolute favourite.

Doodle Collection

Being a part planner and part diary, it doubles up as a best friend to share my  innermost thoughts. I write about my memories, little things that made me happy and other blog details.I can create a list and track my expenses or earnings.  I can create photo pages to make a collage of treasured moments and gift the same to my loved one. The Doodle India Scribble Planner serves to be multipurpose. Doodle Dairies and Doodle Notebooks are definitely chic!

Doodle Collection

What I Like About This Planner:

  • Artistic Cover
  • Nice Artwork
  • Dateless Pages
  • Classic Hard Binding
  • Leisure lists (bucket list, wants, wishes, things that make you happy)
  • Multi-color
  • Number Of Pages 240
  • Size B5
  • Wont bend
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Paper based or PU
  • Embossed or printed
  • High quality raw material
  • Distinct style
  • Wide Range
  • Exciting Designs
  • From personal to office

Doodle Collection

Explore, play and join the journey that makes writing fun! Celebrate the Joy of writing and your good handwriting.

Buy the planner here 

About the Brand:

Elegant, fun and chic! Doodle Diaries and Doodle Notebooks are a unique combination of functionality and design.From personal use to office use, our colourful, fun and fashion-forward, range of Doodle Diaries and Doodle Notebooks are made to inspire you to write. Travelers, writer, music aficionado or a fashionistas, we have the perfect diary that fits your persona. Explore, play and join the journey that makes writing fun!

It’s trendy, it’s young, it’s youthful and the designs are friendly to every gender, age and job profile.We personalize Doodle Diaries and Doodle Notebooks for you by printing names of your employees, guests or your loved ones if ordered in bulk.

P.S: ** PR Sample shared by the Brand

Doodle Collection