Dresslily Website Review & Haul !!
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Dresslily Website Review & Haul !!

Hi All,
Welcome to my review on  DressLily.com! Dresslily offer the latest style clothing and fashion for women, including dresses, sweaters, leggings, blouses, lingerie, bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories.
In this post, I am sharing the website review of the international shopping site Dresslily and my haul from this site. I am so happy with my order that I am sharing my opinions right after 2 days of receiving the package.

I received the package a day before my birthday.


* About Dresslily:

DressLily is a leading international online fashion clothing and accessory store. Focusing on the very latest in affordable fashion styles, both attire and stunning accessories, we feature thousands of the newest product lines, providing maximum choice and convenience to our discerning clientele. We also aim to provide an extensive range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing together with a professional dedicated service to our valued customers from all over the world.

party dresses


Across thousands of product lines, affordable chic combines with effortless elegance in everything from gorgeous Women’s Clothing, Wedding Dress, Intimate Lingerie, Bags, Women’s Shoes, Wigs, Fashion Jewelry and Accessories, and many more fantastic items at affordable prices.

Their goal is always to provide our customers with stunning, high quality fashion products at down to earth prices. DressLily.com offers trending fashion-forward styles, edgy and innovative designs all delivered with a truly class-leading professional service.


Shipping Methods:
Dresslily ship all goods directly from the factory district in Shenzhen, China and it may take from 3 to 30 days based on the shipping method used. It takes 1-4 days for handling and processing the orders. You can pay a small fee for a tracking number and insurance (about $3 depending on your order weight) on your order so that you will be compensated if any loss happens and with the tracking number provided you can trace out where your parcel is.
  • China post shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Standard rate shipping
  • Flat rate shipping
  • Expedited rate shipping

Website URL: http://www.dresslily.com/



My Take on the Website:

Dresslily has a variety of choice when it comes to fashionable items. The website layout looks great and it is easy to navigate.The website loads fast and is user friendly. Dresslily accepts payment methods like credit card and Paypal, wired transfer and western union only. You can even use a gift certificate. You can apply coupons to your order to get a certain percent of discount apart from the discount offered by Dresslily itself on sale items. You can earn D Bonus points when you shop from Dresslily which you can use on your next purchase. D points are like reward points.


You can shop in a number of currencies offered like GBP,USD etc. I opted for USD. I used a Gift Certificate as payment method. I placed my order on July 6th and It was shipped on July 10th. I received my Product on July 25th. 15 days for an international order is very fast considering the fact I live in the southern most part of my country and in a place where courier is not easily accessible.


I am happy that I got my products in 15 days via china post. I didn’t have to pay any customs amount.

The package came in a light aqua blue bubble envelope and my items were intact. The envelope had customs declaration label and other postage related labels.


The packaging is not fancy and attractive but my items were damage free and safe.
The items that I ordered are :
My order value was $14.22 after discounts.
“YAY” Factors:
  • Extensive selection of clothing and accessories and the huge range they offer
  • Quality of the items is good
  • Affordable price
  • Fast Shipping  & Free shipping
  • Effective Packaging
  • Friendly Customer Care
  • Discounts & Offers
  • D points Bonus
  • No customs charged
  • Shipping Insurance
  • Tracking Number on Shipment
  • 7 Day return warranty
“NAY” Factors:
  • Products out of stock
  • Sizing issues
  • Shipping delays in some cases
  • Products issue like non-removable stain, defective zipper, ripped material, poor quality stitching, significant color difference, or the product is significantly different from the product photography.
You don’t have to worry about the NAY factors coz the Dresslily customer care will help you resolve it and these factors are not seen in every order. These situations occur once in a 100 or 1000. There is nothing to worry about it. They will offer you replacement or refund in the above mentioned cases.
Dresslily also offers a seven day return warranty.
I have read many negative reviews about Dresslily in the past and I now know that those are not true. From my shopping experience, I can say that Dresslily is a legit website and I love shopping from Dresslily. The price of the items for the quality is unbeatable.
Shop at DressLily and dress to express. Choose from the wide range a fashion that’s affordably yours!!!
Dresslily has impressed me and failed to disappoint me. Its better than some other wholesale sites out there. The overall shopping was positive.

Order your favourite items and experience Dresslily yourself.

Portions marked * are taken from the website.