Everything5Pounds Review !!
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Everything Five Pounds Review !!

Everything5Pounds Review !!

Hey All,

I can’t stop myself from drooling over cute clothes, shoes, and accessories. Even when my wardrobe is full of these items and some of them are unused, I still go around shopping. I guess every girl is like me and it’s just girly.

I am obsessed with cute items. I always find myself browsing through online retail stores in my leisure time. I came across Everything5Pounds that way. My delivery from ‘Everything5Pounds’ arrived and I thought I’ll share my views with you.

Everything5Pounds is great for bags, shoes,  accessories and has lots of cool clothes too. Everything on this site is a Fiver.The items you get on this website are from a wide range of brands and their looks are like they cost a lot more than £5. The delivery cost depends on the number of items in your order and its weight. I found items I wanted and when I came back, they were all sold out.

Everything Five Pounds Review !! Everything Five Pounds Review !! Everything Five Pounds Review !!

Their stock is limited, and when something’s gone, it’s gone forever.

The items are sent by Royal Mail tracked so you get an email alert when it’s on the way. The packet arrived in a polythene bag and it looked over filled. Three items were Pound 15 and Royal mail Shipping was additional Pound 19. So my order value was approximately £33.16. I didn’t have to pay any customs duty on this order.

Everything Five Pounds Review !! Everything Five Pounds Review !!

Overall,  I’ve am happy with my items and they are of great quality.

The first thing I got is this lime green jacket and it’s my first bomber jacket ever!

Everything Five Pounds Review !!

I absolutely love it! I am glad I got it in this color coz its perfect with my jean.

Love everything about it ; the material looks nice and light. It keeps me cozy and warm during winter days. You can get it here –> Textured Bomber Jacket

The second thing I got is this wallet —> Textured Faux Leather Brown Wallet

Everything Five Pounds Review !!

I also got this handbag —-> Colour Block Satchel Shoulder Bag

Everything Five Pounds Review !!

If you are looking for a bargain deal you should definitely check them out.

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