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#EveryWishFulfilled – Get it All from Flipkart !

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Hey Beauties,

We girls are addicted to shopping mania. Shopping is a girly thing and we love shopping so much that we can live without food or sleep but not without shopping. Shop till you drop is our evergreen mantra. We are always on the lookout for our favourite items like dresses, watch and shoes to look our best every day. We love compliments coming our way – the more the merrier. When you have a wish that needs to be fulfilled, forget about that Genie and that magic lamp, because all you need is Flipkart. Here are 6 Wishes that Come True with Flipkart.



There’s nothing like adding a personal touch to every package. Every Flipkart order is packed with the original packaging of the product in a sturdy outer box. This box can be gift wrapped and you can leave a message too. You are free to personalize your order with your own message. The message will be printed on a nice card, just like any normal greeting card. It gives an extra surprise to the receiver.  At the same time, it is a beautiful way to express yourself to your better half or a long distance friend or relative that you love and care for them. If you are confused what to gift, you are free to gift a Flipkart Voucher which can be redeemed later. Sometimes, you tend to forget that you have placed an order for yourself. You will grin when you hear your doorbell ring and find the Flipkart delivery man with your goodie bag.



It so happens that I feel dull and sad at times when I open my laptop. Many a times, I felt better when I opened Flipkart. I feel that Flipkart invites me with both hands open. My mood is instantly uplifted when I search for trendy, fashionable things and makeup. Flipkart is a visual treat to my eyes and delights me every time. If I am not in a shopping mood, I enjoy my time browsing across the various categories. I indulge in some window shopping to find what suits my style. I add whatever is in trend to my wish list.



I love that I can shop anytime that works for me. I can hold a toothbrush in my hand and place an order with the other. I can cook as I place the order. I can type, I can watch film and I can even be in my pyjamas.


The Flipkart Sale drives me crazy. I get offers and better prices from Flipkart without compromising on the quality. For Instance, a regular PUMA shoe model cost you Rs 3,000 in the store and the same is available in Flipkart for just Rs 999/- This saves me money and also gives me great satisfaction. I can also search for any item without the added stress of being out in public where I might be judged based on my purchases.


If you’re like me, you will spend a lot of time looking for items on the internet. You can find several brands and products from different sellers under one roof. You can get some international items too. Flipkart offers a far greater selection of brands, categories, colors and sizes. If you find that a product you need is out of stock, you can request for it. There are Flipkart only exclusive items.


Flipkart.com is India’s largest online mega store. You might have seen a new badge showing up on their product buy pages – Called “Flipkart Advantage”. With this, you can buy confidently because Flipkart has quality checked and shipped the products by themselves. You will get additional benefits for products with this service like 30-day hassle-free returns on products as well as expedited delivery options, such as same day/In-a-Day guarantee Delivery. Customers will also get detailed overview of their order journey from the seller to your doorstep. They offer you an excellent customer support too. As a buyer, you are assured product quality, faster delivery and hassle-free returns backed by 24×7 customer service.


Instead of crowded stores, I am trying to shop online these days! I am a devoted online shopper of Flipkart. I have placed more than 20 orders with multiple products. I have even ordered a smartphone and I never faced any issue. With Flipkart you get #EveryWishFulfilled. What about you? Happy Shopping with Flipkart!