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Flipkart Delivering Wishes – #AbHarWishHogiPoori! 

 You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. ~ Richard Bach

Hey All,

Everyone has wishes in their life. I can’t imagine how happy I would be if a genie came up to me and gave me a bucket list of wishes that would be granted. I believe it is these wishes that make our life more fulfilling, peaceful and meaningful. Do you remember the story of Aladdin and his Magical Lamp?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have one such powerful genie in a bottle at our command, which pops out and grants every wish?

That got me thinking how excited the other person will feel if their wish comes true. I decided to take up the role of Santa and surprise someone special. I wanted to make my younger sister happy but I was confused what to gift her to make her wish turn true. So, I immediately started browsing through the online websites.  A wish is undoubtedly a magical thing and each one is very personal and unique. I accidently stumbled upon the wishlist of Sangitha from The Lipstick Addict Blog. She is my close friend too and has made a great wish.

Sangy had picked the Michael Kors MK6110 Analog Watch – For Women as her wish from Flipkart. The watch stirred back my memories. Few years ago, my dad was on an official tour to Singapore, Thailand, USA, France, Australia and many other countries. He asked us what he should bring when he returns from the trip. I said I want a Watch. My sister wanted a Bag. As promised he brought me a basic edition of Michael Kors Watch and Steve Madden Bag for my sister. We considered these two things as our treasure.

I and my sister once attended an adventure camp from our School. We carried our treasured gifts (Michael Kors Watch and Steve Madden Bag) with us. We walked a lot of distance that day and finally boarded the bus to return to our place. I had been falling sick and tired with fever and aches. My health was worse. We got inside a crowded bus and as the bus moved a few miles, I felt like I forgot something. It was a dark day for me and I was out of my mind.  I suddenly realized my watch is missing. We both screamed and asked the bus driver to stop. We got down in between and the bus started moving without us. We walked back all the way and found my watch lying on the path. I grabbed it and we both boarded the next bus. As we reach home, we found out that my sister has left her Bag in the first bus itself which was obviously stolen by somebody.  She lost her bag in the process of searching my watch. The guilty has never left me.

I have promised myself that I will get her a better bag everyday but sometimes I forget and sometimes I am left with no money.

Sangitha’s choice reminded me once again that I have to gift the Steve Madden Hand-held Bag to my younger sister at any cost.  She wants to be a fashion designer and start a fashion label of her own in the future. She wants to be an entrepreneur and she will be joining MBA after her graduation. So I felt that this bag by Steve Madden will be her daily dose of inspiration. This gift will suit my sister’s personal style as she is a fashion addict.  It will be definitely something more than just a practical accessory to her.

Steve Madden

Well guess what? The Genie that I had mentioned before is much closer to us in the form of Flipkart.  Whatever you wish may be, Flipkart is committed to deliver it to help you celebrate your life, your way. I found out the bag on Flipkart with discount offer and now that I am earning, I will make my sisters wish come true without any second thought.


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Flipkart has come with a new video called #AbHarWishHogiPoori.  The video is all about Fueling & fulfilling wishes. ‘Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori’ reflects the new brand expression of Flipkart that makes you feel connected emotionally. The video is very nice and go watch it by clicking below.

‘Flipkart Wish Chain’ weaves together little stories of wishes being fulfilled one after another just like mine and Sangy’s. That feeling when a wish is fulfilled is truly inexplicable. They say ‘Be Careful What You Wish For because you might just get it’. That’s exactly what happens in your life with Flipkart.


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Are you ready to fulfil your wishes with Flipkart? What are your wishes?  Don’t forget to keep the wish chain going!! Who knows may be a wish can change your life.  Flipkart brings you the best deals ever with #AbHarWishHogiPoori! Browse and discover everything you need. I can’t wait to surprise my sissy. Here I go ….