Gardner Street Tea Review !
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Gardner Street Tea

Gardner Street Tea Review !

Hello All,


Gardner Street Tea is a one stop website to shop for tea that is healthy, tasty and unique. Rashi Sanghvi’s Venture Gardner Street Tea aims at changing the way we drink Tea.


Gardner Street Tea Gardner Street Tea


Gardner Street offer teas with a difference.What most of us buy from supermarkets for our chai session is dust tea, the lowest grade of tea with artificial flavoring. Gardner Street uses whole leaf tea made with the choicest of ingredients.


Gardner Street is a premium tea company based out of Mumbai. They offer hand-picked blends packaged in personalized gift sets. These sets fit perfectly as favors and Thank-you gifts. They offer different flavors in cute tin packaging.


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Gardner Street Teas come packaged in attractive boxes. Their product range includes 3 collections namely Luxury, Signature, and Wellness with flavors such as “Lemon Aid”, “Berry Good”, “Flower Power” among other options. I was intrigued by the fact that their whole leaf green teas that are targeted to serve different purposes such as healing or detoxing.


I was sent three products by Gardner Street – Moroccan Mint, Chinese Whispers, and Glow.


Gardner Street Tea Gardner Street Tea Gardner Street Tea


The glow tea is blended with hibiscus and marigold petals and melon that helps in reversing the damage caused by makeup and pollution. It offers benefits like clear skin, healthy hair and weight management. Glow is mainly fruity. Glow belongs to their wellness collection.  Glow tea is sweet.


The Chinese whisper one is green tea with jasmine and the flavor is mainly floral. It helps in weight loss, stress reduction and lowers bp/cholesterol. Chinese Whisper belongs to their signature collection.


The Moroccan mint tea consists of mint and cinnamon and the flavor is spicy. Moroccan Mint is from their signature collection. Moroccan Mint offers health benefits like improved digestion, lower diabetes,  helps to cure PMS, PCOD, and hormonal imbalance.


Overall, I really enjoyed tasting these teas  The teas are delicious. They are all natural without any preservatives. Each Gardner Street tea bag can be used twice. I  leave the bag covered in my cup if I intend to drink my second cup in a couple of hours otherwise I refrigerate it. These tea bags are top notch in quality, affordable plus pocket-friendly.


Gardner Street Tea Gardner Street Tea Gardner Street Tea Gardner Street Tea


Gardner Street Teas are experimental in nature.  For instance, you can add Chinese Whisper to your Chinese soup broth to lend a real Asian angle to it.  You can even make iced teas with Gardner Street.


Brewing Time is generally 2.5 to 3 minutes for Green Tea and 5 minutes for Herbal Tea. We can add any sweetener of our choice.


All Gardner Street teas are packed in silken bags and not the bleached paper ones. The silken sachets do not pollute the tea and its shape gives more room for the tea to move and in turn, helps the flavor to come out more.


These teas are delicious. I felt that these teas make a personal treat and are great for self-pampering. Thanks to Gardner Street for making my tea time special.


Gardner Street Tea is revolutionizing tea drinking and also gifting. Gardner Street products are gifts that spread cheers and conveys a positive message. They are suitable for weddings, festivals, and many special occasion.


If you would like to give it a try, you can shop the teas on www.gardnerstreet.in They deliver pan India. Check out their Facebook page for product updates and related information.


Price – Rs 1275 for a set of 5 minis. (25 silken tea bags)


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