Gifting Options for Men !
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Gifts for men

Gifting Options for Men !

Hey All,

Gifting the man in your life is quite a challenging task and finding that perfect gift can be hard. Every time, they are already stocked up on sunglasses, watch, ties, shirts, wallets and cologne. So when it comes to giving that special something for guys, you need to tap your creative side.  Treat your favorite guy be it your dad, friend or lover to finds he would love to treasure. Find what type your guy is – music dude, movie buff, artistic, thrill seeker, outdoors-man, office executive, sports fanatic, money minded, gadget obsessed, smart accessories lover, fashionable freak or fun loving. Gifts for Men need to be thoughtfully curated. I have put together a wishlist below that includes something for your pops, bro, bae, to your group of guys you hang out. Let your search for Gifts for Him end here as you will find some unique picks that is sure to thrill all of the men in your life.

Sterling Silver Jewellery for Men – Browse through the wide range of chains, engraved rings, bands and bracelets.  Simple and stylish, these exotic sterling silver items can be worn with anything, to any occasion.  Be sure to choose this if you are shopping online for your special guy. This will convey a firm statement of faith cum fashion.

A customized wardrobe – Find the best clothes to fit your budget and his style. Choose some Tees, Shirts, Blazer hats, booties and towels. Bring all the purchases handpicked by you to home and organize it with a nice gift wrap.

Portable stereo speakers – Your guy can sing and dance to his favorite beats from his smartphone or tab with a dashing stereo speaker that will brighten his day! If anyone is a music lover, it’s a great gift for your guy, family, friends and for yourself.

Scotch as a Gift – Make a kit with a basket by adding a bottle opener, his favourite branded Scotch bottle, a couple of shot glasses and a hip flask.  Scotch as a Gift can do wonders when it comes to impressing him. You can encourage your guy to party his outings.

Espresso maker – Who needs a Coasta Coffee or Barista when an espresso machine with frother can do it all. No more coffee sachets pack or powdered coffees! Gift this to your guy and let him enjoy the world’s best high quality espresso made by him. Add some cool mugs and coffee packs along with the machine if you want to wow him.  In a nutshell, this the apt gift for any coffee-geek.

Personalized Gifts – Buy customized gifts for him like branded pens, key-chains, photo frames, Scrapbook, Diaries/ Journals and photo albums. These are little gifts with a different touch.

Games – If your guy loves sports, try gifting handcrafted footballs; table top Basket-ball or a mini chess.

Leather Goodies – Leather gifts last for years and give a distinctive feel for men. They are many items to choose ranging from belts, wallets, bags, mobile cases, toiletry bags, boots, jackets, cardholders to different cases.

Bath Robe – Robes are both practical and romantic for any man. So, choosing a great luxurious bathrobe is the right gift to give him. It should be non-heavy and comfortable. Check out different fabrics like silk, velour, and terry. Let him relax his weekend.

Cool Gadgets – Guys are always tempted by the technological trends and that’s why they love gadgets.  Shop for items like emergency flash lights, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, music players, speakers and laptops.

Additionally, you can explore a wide range of gifts like Ties, Handkerchiefs, Cuff Links, Aromatherapy spa sets, Shaving Kit and basic necessities. You know guys are no less than awesome and they need awesome gifts too. Let your shopping begin.

Image Credits – Liveinstyle.com 

Disclaimer – This article is intended for users of age 25 years and above.