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Giskaa.com: Exclusive Online Shop For Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Products!!

India is known as the land of culture and tradition and is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. We live in a country that is not only has rich culture but unique one. Handicraft is definitely an important and undeniable part of the Indian culture. We have some of the best artisans in the world and each region prides itself with a special form of handiwork.  Having said that, India has accepted the modern means of living to improve their lifestyle and an important aspect of this lifestyle is technology. A few days back, I stumbled upon an amazing website Giskaa.com that can best be described as the best of both the modern and traditional aspects of India.


The website is the brain child of Meghanath Singh, an IT professional who decided to create something of his own after working for more than 10 years in the IT industry. Even though Meghanath was based in Bengaluru and had been staying away from his home town in the northeast region for the past 23 years, he always cherished the idea of doing something related to the region. He felt that due to the geographical location of Northeast, it has always been a little isolated from the rest of the world which eventually resulted in the fact that not many people were aware of the rich northeast culture and heritage. He also identified with the plight of artisans in this region who were living in pitiful conditions due to lack of a continuous and sustainable source of income. His co-founders Surchand Wahengbham and Ratheesh Elayat shared his sentiments and together they came up with the online store with the aim of bringing forward the Northeast to the mainstream world.

Giskaa.com greets you with a nice clean website which is easy to navigate. All categories are listed on the top and then you can look at the sub-categories in the drop down menus. A personal pet peeve I have is when the drop downs vanish as soon as your mouse moves slightly and you are back to the beginning but that doesn’t happen with this website so it gets a couple of brownie points for me. In case you can’t find what you are looking for in the categories, the page has this huge search bar right on the top where you can type and look for things you need. Basically, navigating through the website is a piece of cake.


Coming to what I like the most about website that is the products on it. I am a big fan of handicraft because in a world where everything is driven by mass production, handicraft is the only way to own something unique. Also, handicrafts represent the culture, tradition and heritage of a place or a country so in a way when you buy handicraft you have a part of that place with you which you have to agree is incomparably special.

Giskaa.com not only makes handicraft from around India accessible but it helps you to find various types of handicraft. The categories vary from Home Decor & Furnishing, Fashion, Bath & Body Products, Food & Beverages and even Toys. Each category has so many products that you will spoilt for choice but the best thing about the website is that the quality is great and everything is super affordable.

Giskaa.com Giskaa.com Giskaa.com

All products are handmade and eco-friendly items and some of the options available in fashion, home décor and office accessories are exclusive available only on giskaa.com. If you have been a regular reader you would know that a food holds a really special place in my life so my favourite part of this online marketplace is the wide range of ethnic food & beverage items that includes pickles, dried vegetables, herbs and spices. Also there is a recipe corner on the website so you can not only buy ingredients from around the country but also get a few idea about playing around with them.

Giskaa.com Giskaa.com


Payment wise the website offers you the options of paying through debit/credit card, PayUmoney, Citrus, Ola Money and even Cash on Delivery. Free shipping is applicable if the total order value is Rs 500 or more. They are delivering to most parts of India and have and even support international orders.

Overall, I am genuinely happy that I found this website. I can’t tell you the number of times I have come across websites that claim to work with artisans, sell genuine handicrafts but they burn a big hole in my pocket and once I receive the product, I find that the quality is dismal and sometimes it is not even a genuine hand crafted item. Giskaa.com however turned to be a pretty reliable option, with safe and timely shipping and good quality products so if you are someone who is into handicrafts then you need to take a look at the website.