Handmade Products & Customized Gifts @ iCustomMadeIt !!
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Handmade Products & Customized Gifts @ iCustomMadeIt !!

Handmade Products & Customized Gifts @ iCustomMadeIt !!

Hello Readers,

icustommadeit is a growing eCommerce platform in India that enables the users to design anything like a proof almost anything  you want.  Just log in to the portal, choose your category and start implementing your custom ideas via a one-on-one interaction with the designer  or ‘creator’.

The various categories include Leather Shoes, Watches, Bespoke Tea, 3D Mobile Cover, Canvas Shoes, Flip Flops, T-Shirts, Bags, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Jewellery and Bags. You can even buy customized motorcycles and furniture.

icustommadeit.com is different from other websites because it lets you choose from a vast variety of beautiful products, handpicked for you  and tailor-made by some of the finest creators
in the country.

I ordered this Personalized Gold Plated Initials Monogram Necklace.

The price of the necklace is Rs 1950 but it is no longer available in stock. It took around 2-3 months for my order to deliver. I dont know the reason for delay. In the website the delivery time was mentioned as 7-10 working days.

Handmade Products & Customized Gifts @ iCustomMadeIt !!

The product reached me intact. I got email updates. The packaging was also nice.

I was impressed with the wide range and designs of women’s accessories. The customization part was like an icing on the cake. I am very happy with my order. The quality and the variety is great.

Handmade Products & Customized Gifts @ iCustomMadeIt !!

There were many instances in my case wherein I fell in love with a particular product but didnt like its color or some other aspect and how I wished that part  could be modified. With icustommadeit, you can alter the appearance of an item and make it as per your liking. There are also lot of gift items like cufflinks, keychain, mugs and sunglasses.

Make your gifting experience more personal with the #CustomMadeHappiness touch, and the joy of being an #iCustomMadeit customer. Make sure you log onto icustommadeit.com to fulfil all your  fantasies. Also explore some special, exquisite gifting options. I highly recommend checking out icustommadeit for all your custom needs.

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