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Happy Pebbles

Happy Pebbles !!

Hello All,

Happy Pebbles is a workshop based in Delhi where imaginations are captured and turned into unique handmade items like rock paintings, felt products, wood-based craft products. Their creations are a pure reflection of our feelings for near and dear ones. These are products of skilled hands and can be easily customized. Their goal is to spread the joy of gifting in your own personal style.

Unique, handmade pebble art makes one of a kind gift with a personal touch. You can convey a message too. I haven’t found many pebble art brands in India and I was glad I discovered “Happy Pebbles”. The designer behind Happy Pebbles, Richa, sent me a few artworks for featuring on this blog. They have a store on Engrave, IMadeIt and they are also available on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Pebbles

The first one is this candid inspirational message rock. This Mini Masterpiece can be a classic addition to any work desk, room or kitchen décor, garden décor or sometimes become a reminder of what is must in life. These pebbles are painted with high-quality acrylic paints with a glossy varnish coating and felt base, which makes it waterproof and scratches resistant. Candid pebbles make an elegant gift of course! The artwork is beautiful. This item is priced at Rs 500. Size: 5.5 X 8 cm.

The second one is this Love Candid Pebble. This one is a pebble of love, beautiful and glossy. Use it as Tabletop Décor, Paper Weight or place it on your workplace.  You can customize it with your names. Size: 6.5 x 5.5 cm. This item is priced at Rs 400.

The third one is this Good Vibes Pebble. This is my favorite because it reminds me frequently to stay away from all negativities.

The fourth one is this Personalized Name Pebble. This is also my favorite. I am using it as a tiny name board in my workspace.

These pebbles are priced from Rs 400-1000/-

The pebbles came packaged in a cute tiny jute pouch.

Happy Pebbles

The Rock shape can differ a bit as every rock has their own unique shape. To Clean, just wipe the stones using a damp cloth.

You can also redecorate your home in an innovative way with these beautiful pebbles. We can place them in a bowl or platter to enhance the look of your home. These pebbles are available in a variety of designs, colors and they serve multiple purposes too.

Happy Pebbles also sell felt stuff and quilled items. Richa sent me a quilling card but I forgot to capture it.


Quilling Art Work by Richa

Being a lover of all things creative and happy, I instantly fell in love with Happy Pebble. Do check them out and show some love !!