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How to find out the perfect Ball Dress to match your vibe?


Hey all,
Much thought goes into choosing a perfect ball gown. Don’t we all wish to look like a fairy tale Cinderella during the special events? We all want to be the centre of attraction. It is possible to pick your perfect dress with these tips:
1) Find your style – You can take online quiz to find out what is your style quotient.
2) Don’t wait till the last moment – Search for dresses and plan in advance much before the event date. Lookout and start searching in online stores as well as shops and boutiques. Ensure plenty of time for alterations and getting that correct fit.
3) Try different varieties – Don’t stick to one particular style. Choose something different. Just because you saw some famous celebrity sporting particular attire, you don’t have to buy the same. Analyse your preferences and think what suits you the best. Be unique and be you. It is not a good idea to deviate from your personal style. You need to feel comfortable and confident with your dress. You want your dress to be unique, fit well, and represent your personal style. Avoid shopping locally because greater are the chances of finding a dress that others will be wearing.
4) Fix Budget – Budget or the cost involved plays an important role. You should not spend too much. Ball gowns are expensive. Choose a dress below your actual budget so that you can set some money aside for accessories like hair clips.
5) Watch Red Carpet Events – Watch you tube videos of events and images of your favourite celebrities. Try to familiarise with the styles.

6) Take Extra Precautions – You need to take extra care of your dress. Any sort of damage to your dress can be an upsetting experience. Take steps to avoid stains, rip etc. Wear a jacket above the dress if you are wearing makeup. Prevention is always better than cure.
7) Specifications of the dress – Ball dresses just like women come in all shapes and sizes. The desired length and cut of the dress, breathability of the fabric, color, and neckline are some of the important specifications. 
8) Pair the dress with right accessories like shoes/heels and bags.
9) Relax, smile and enjoy yourself. Have a good time. Smile is a curve that sets everything straight and of course happy girls are the prettiest.
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