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Caratlane Diwali

How to Have a Crackling Diwali, Even If you are Away from Home !

Hello All,

October is here and so is the festive fervor, beaming to embrace us. The slight nip in the air has bid adieu to the badgering rain, and the sun has put its fury to rest too. It seems nature has rolled out its majestic carpet to India’s biggest celebration, Diwali. This is a time to rejoice and reunite with the family. This is a time to seek blessings from the elders and adore the loved ones. It’s Diwali time and it is certainly family time. No wonder, many who work in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, head home during this time of the year. But what about those who aren’t able to visit their parents and loved ones and are left alone in a lonely city amongst strangers. Well, let not these circumstances dampen your spirits. There is always an alternative way to find happiness, and we have figured out that for you.

Fling the gloom out of the window and welcome these crackling ideas to revive the enthusiasm of Diwali in your life.

De-clutter & Organize

Remember as children, everyone at home went on a cleaning spree weeks before Diwali. How about doing the same at your flat or PG? Start with de-cluttering the closet space or loft. Remove unused items in the house, piled up newspapers, empty bottles and even clothes that you don’t use any longer. As Diwali gets closer, clean up the kitchen and bathroom. There is nothing like celebrating the festival of lights in a de-cluttered abode, even if you are living away from home.

Caratlane Diwali

Light up your Room

Let the “Diwali Gusto” begin days before the festival. Decorate your room with fairy lights to remind you of the festivities of the season.  These lights are readily available during this time of the year and are quite affordable. Use these lights in the most innovative way to brighten up your room, balcony and living area. Check out for fairy lights DIY craft ideas on YouTube or Pinterest to draw inspiration.

Caratlane Diwali

Indulge in some Shopping

Diwali is a great time to shop. You get the best discounts and the most remarkable collection. If you were considering to change the curtains of your room or buy a new piece of furniture for long, now is the time. You can also consider buying jewellery online.  Shopping for gold and silver during the festive month of Dussehra and Diwali is considered auspicious.

Use the Diwali bonus on the gorgeous jewellery collection at CaratLane.com; India’s trusted place to buy jewellery online. Surprise your family members with gifts by ordering them online to share the joys of Diwali with loved ones even when away from home.

Caratlane Diwali

Whip-up traditional Delicacies

Traditional delicacies like halwa, dahi vadas, namak paares, gulab jamun, kachori, chutney’s and other vegetarian dishes are highlights of the Diwali Dinner. Although, these dishes can be bought readymade, but we suggest you prepare them yourself. This will help you cherish your childhood memories. Just plan the menu in advance and shop for the ingredients beforehand. Start preparing some of these items at least 2-3 days before the big day. Namak paaras, gulab jamun and kachori can be prepared in advance and stored in air-tight containers. However, if you are making delicacies like, dahi-vadas, halwa, dal makhni, chole etc. prepare those on the same day.

Besides these traditional recipes, you can also consider making chocolates at home or try Thai or Pan Asian cuisine to add a spice of diversity on the menu card.

Caratlane Diwali

Seek company of Friends

Festivities are incomplete without company. So what, if you are away from home, you may still enjoy the company of friends. Look for people in your office, social group or the neighbourhood, if they are staying back in town and not going home for Diwali. Call them over to have a nice and memorable time. You can even consider organizing a pot-luck dinner over a game of cards and some cocktails.

Caratlane Diwali

Finally, celebrate Diwali with lots of lights and happiness. Stay away from crackers, instead stay indoors in the company of your loved ones. Talk, listen to music, dress up to live up to the festive spirit. All this will make you miss home a little less.