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Huge BuyInCoins Haul !

Hello cutie pies,
I am really busy with my exams and work and getting no time to post. But I have so many packages coming in and I want to share everything with you to keep you drooling.
Today I am going to share with you my huge haul from Buyincoins (BIC). It is a crazy list of items and I ordered everything cute and girly.
If you don’t know BIC, let me introduce it to you first.
Buyincoins is a Chinese online shopping portal.The prices are unbeatable and they have a responsive customer service team.
See for yourself what all I got.

I placed my order on April 26 and I got a mail that my order has been sent to post office on April 28 and I received my order on May 16.Just 18 days for huge haul and all the items came down from china without even a scratch.

No complaints here coz you can see I have received everything in perfect condition and intact.

While placing the order, I had mentioned them to take proper care of my items and to bubble wrap it and pack it well.I also gave them instructions to put a low value and mark the parcel as gift.I strictly told them I need only a single package and I can wait sometime till everything is ready and I dont want separate packages.I informed them to keep an outer cardboard for delicate items.
They have followed my instructions carefully.They have attached the CN22 customs declaration form too.I didn’t have to pay any customs and No stories of damaged or missing items.
The total order value of my items was $31 approximately Rs.2000 INR. I paid through my credit card via paypal.

Lets see the items in the order one by one

Item 1 – Cute Fashion Rectangular Iron Card Decor Tin Storage Bag Small Jewelry Box Gift – $1.43

I am planning to buy more of these.The size is small and not as big as I thought.The small one is only cute I think. I can store my earrings,rings and studs in this tin.I can carry nuts and raisins to my office in this.I also plan to gift my boyfriend a similar tin box with cute 101 love notes. The tin is girly and cute.

Item 2: Gothic Punk Style Metal Vintage Hollow Double Triangle Ear Stud Dangle Earrings(Color:Gold) —- $1.56

I absolutely love these dangle earrings.They look so chic and fashionable.I can wear it for special events for a trendy look.I have only one complain that the tiny drops to wear the earrings that we place behind is missing. I will use the ones from my existing earrings.

Item 3: Professional Double Ended Makeup Eye shadow Powder Brush —- $0.98

The brush looks professional ( Reminds me of the UD double sided eye shadow brush) and the quality is great.The colour combination of blue and black is interesting.The bristles are soft and not at all scratchy and it blends well too.

Item 4:  Professional Portable Anti-static Tangle Hair Styling Comb Hair Brush(Color:Leopard) —- $4.93

Awwww…… Totally adorable. This is a dupe of the famous tangle teezer and I dont think its a dupe.Its exactly the same appearance and performance wise. 

Item 5: New Lovely Girls Business ID Credit Card Wallet Holder Pocket Bag Case Box 4 Color(Color:Pink) —- $0.98

Look how cute.This goes into my handbag or wallet.I have so many cards lying around and now all that will be organized into this pouch.

Item 6:  New Round Style Smooth Moisturizing Organic Natural Lip Balm Makeup(Color:Red) —- $1.59

Now this is the dupe for famous Eos Lip balms.The packaging is similar.The flavour name is the same.It smells heavenly and keeps lips nourished.Great Quality.The only thing lacking here is the Eos Brand-name.
Item 7: 2PCS Pro Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender Flawless Smooth Shaped Water Droplets Puff(Package:2pcs) —- $1.82

This is the dupe for the Beauty Blender. It is water droplet shaped. You need to wet the sponge,squeeze it and use. It helps to spread the foundation quickly.You need to wash it after every use. You get a similar one in baby doll shape ( Dupe for Etude Sponge). Its tricky to get the coverage with these sponge. I think this may last not more than 3 months depending on the usage. Will keep you updated.The sponge smells yucky like rubber.

Item 850 Sheets Pro Powerful Makeup Oil Absorbing Face Paper —- $0.98

These are blotting sheets which absorbs excess oil. A boon for my oily skin.This goes into my handbag and I haven’t started using it yet.
Item 96 PCS Magic Sponge Hair Soft Curler Roller Strip Tool —- $0.66

This is a hair curler and It works.I will review this separately in detail.
Item 10: Blackhead Remover Facial Cleansing Pad Silicon Brush — $0.98

This is a silicone facial cleansing brush with a handle.I thought it would be harsh but I was wrong. It is friendly with the skin and gives a pleasant feel after uses.Helps to remove heads and keeps skin soft.

Item 11Natural Konjac Konnyaku Jelly Fiber Face Wash Cleansing Sponge Puff(Color:Black) —- $1.33

This is my favourite. Its a facial sponge called Konjac and is made from vegetable fibers.Famous in Korea and japan. I am surprised to see that BIC stocks these.This comes in 3 colour – black, white and green.I choose black with activated charcoal as I have acne prone skin.You need to change this once in 3 months.It helps to keep your skin clear and blemish free.Over the first use your skin may break out like it is pouring out all the toxins, later you will see this work.
Item 13: 50Pcs/Pack Girl Soft Cotton Ring Elastic Ties Hair Band Rope(Package:50pcs) —- $3.67

I have this habit of misplacing the hairbands and searching hours for it.So I got a 50 pcs pack and I like these.

Item 14:  2X 50 * Rectangle Cleaning Soft Cosmetic Makeup Cotton Pad —- $1.09

See how cute these tissues are.They are thin and absorbs the dirt, oil effectively.
Item 1524 Trapezoid Clear Lipstick Makeup Display Stand Cosmetic Organizer Holder Case—- $3.83

Now this is the star of my package.This acrylic clear case retails in Indian shops/sellers and In ebay for around Rs 800 to 1000 INR. This comes around Rs 250 only via BIC. Not even a crack as it came all the way from china.It came in a outer white cardboard bubbled.It can hold 24 lipsticks.I am posting a review of this in my Storage Ideas section.

Item 17: Mini Cute Cookies Girl Mate Diary Notebook Notepad Journal Organizer Memo —- $2.95

I need more of these.Its a memo cum dairy and I am keeping this in my handbag.A very handy one.Damn cute it is.

Item 17:  2 PCS Volume Hair Base Velcro Bump Styling Insert Tool —- $0.98

These are bumpit hair inserts and costs around INR 400 to 500 in India.It’s cheap via BIC.You get 2PCS – one smaller and one bigger one.This is suitable for a updo hair style.Flaunting these soon.

I highly recommend you to shop via BIC. I am impressed !

Have you shopped from BIC? Are you planning to haul via BIC? Did you like my haul and whats your favourite item.Let me know in the comments!

P.S: Items purchased with my own hard earned money and I am not paid to write this.