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Hyp Lean Sugar Free Protein Bars Review !

Hello All,

We all live in an “on-the-go” world today. I have tried so many Energy/Protein bars and I have always wondered if they are really healthy or just hype. There are literally so many options to choose from like meal-replacement bars, diet bars to name a few.

Having tried Brands like RiteBite and YogaBar, I was on the lookout for some other new brands. A few brands had fat and sugar content in their nutritional bars. I came across HYP protein bars and luckily I was able to get in touch with the founder Arun. I was sent a pack for trial. HYP is Bangalore based.

Here are my opinions about HYP Protein Bars !!  HYP Protein bars are made with 100% natural  and vegeterian Ingredients. Each Bar has 10 grams of top grade whey, nuts and milk protein. It also has 4 grams of fiber. There is NO refined, added sugar, filler soy proteins, gluten or artificial sweeteners/preservatives added in the bar. It is perfect for diabetics & carb conscious people.

I received two variants – Oats Brownie and Chocolate Espresso. These are also available in other variants like Almond Fudge and Peanut Butter. A box contains 6 pieces and are priced at Rs 300-560.  I must tell you that these bars are so yummy plus very soft.

Hyp Protein Bars Review

The taste of these bars are really great without much sugar or junk. These bars are my best friends in times of hunger pang. Whey is best source of protein when compared with Soy. Hyp lean sugarfree protein bars are good choice for those looking to diet and supplement their daily protein intake. HYP Lean Protein Bar keeps me energized and full for a hour. The price is also just right. HYP nutrition bars are handy, convinient and portable. They’re a nice alternative for someone who would otherwise be reaching for french fries or lays. These pre-wrapped bars are great for a nutritional boost. I always keep a few stashed in my purse. It is good for people who workout as whey helps in muscle building.

Hyp Protein Bars Review

HYP Protein Bars – Price

Hyp Protein Bars Review

HYP Protein Bars – Product Description

Hyp Protein Bars Review

HYP Protein Bar Oats Brownie – Ingredients

Hyp Protein Bars Review

Hyp Protein Bars Review

HYP Protein Bar Oats Brownie – Nutrients

Hyp Protein Bars Review

HYP Protein Bar Espresso – Ingredients

Hyp Protein Bars Review

HYP Protein Bar Espresso – Nutrients

The ingredients are what that sets HYP Protein Bars apart. I would say it is a “must try”. I am repurchasing these bars for sure 🙂

Direction For Use :

Use as a part of a regular balanced diet, as per your calorie needs.

Product Warning :

Contains dairy based protein. Not suitable for lactose intolerant individuals. Also persons with peanut allergy cannot consume these bars. Processed in a facility that processes other tree nuts also.

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