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Natural Woods for your Beautiful Home from Malwale!

Hello All,

Home is never complete with beautiful furnishing, and you will never that 100% satisfaction until you find the right piece for your Home.

Nowadays there are many online stores and physical stores available and people are confused from choosing the right product, they keep comparing each site with the models, price and the offers that the sites provide and don’t really care about the product quality and the wood which is used for making that furniture.

Let me quickly introduce you all an Indian based online store, Malwale,  they are rope woven furniture makers and designers. They have a specialist design team and good set of carpenters to finish the furniture. All there woods are handpicked from Villages and its 100% natural. They also make sure that their products are environmentally friendly and avoid using any chemical for extra durability and looks. As it’s been said that our indoor environment is more polluted than outdoor by NASA.

Their products include Daybeds, Modern Bench, Handwoven stools, Bedroom benches, Hanging Rope bed, Modern nightstand, and Entryway stools.

If you check their site you can find that all their products are nicely designed and it goes well modern living and it adds a class to our space and all their benches are available and different colors and you are free to choose them from their collection.

Entry Way Stool

This red table cum stool will be a companion for your living room or bedroom to keep your books/mobile/water bottles and it’s made from Babul Dense Wood. It’s dimensions are: H 38 x W 35 x L 110; Seating Height – 38(all dimensions in CMS).

It comes as pieces and the knots and we can easily mantle them without the help of any carpenter.

  • Height: 38 Centimeters
  • Width: 35 Centimeters
  • Length: 110 Centimeters
  • Seating Height: 38 Centimeters

Their packing is highly appreciated, as they take precautions to avoid damage during transit by placing the shock-resistant material between the pieces and to avoid scratches they cover it using the fiber covers.

It’s not only a home material; you can choose this to decorate your office/hotel or resorts. You can also gift this to your kids so that they can use it as their study table. They are Rajasthan based store and they will ship the products all over the Country and it will reach you in 3-4 weeks and their delivery is completely free of cost.

You also have an option to order it in bulk for your new office and you can get some discounts as well. You can check their site or follow them on Instagram or Facebook for their new designs to find some super cool furniture.

Happy shopping!