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Online Shopping : Aplava !!

Hello Girlies,

Recently, I was searching for lipsticks online so that I can stock up a few from the new launches. This time, I landed at a new online store named Aplava.  They are a startup and the website sure looks interesting.

The Aplava online store has a huge variety of skin & hair products, cosmetics, baby products, men’s range and accessories. Basically, it is an online beauty products mega store.  I found their website quite user-friendly and easy to navigate. The layout and product categories looks good as well. Upon searching, I even came across various discount codes for Aplava.com. You get 10% off if you use the code Happy10 this weekend.


Aplava focuses on Beauty Personalized – Your personal Care and grooming hand picked by a Professional Dermatologist, delivered to your door. For busy women/men on the go, Aplava is a personalized beauty service tailored to your taste, budget & lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day.

Step 1:  Aplava creates a personalized profile for you. This will be your personal care profile that will help their team understand your skin type and accordingly recommend best beauty products. You just need to take a small online quiz to get started.

Step 2: Get expert advice as Aplava experts guide you through the process of choosing the right mix of beauty products. You can do so from the comfort of your home.

Step 3: Build a beauty regime that will last you long. Yes! Their experts will build a customised regimen for you allowing you to pamper your skin. This will ensure that the youthful glow last for a lifetime.


Aplava has an extensive spread of quality beauty products. There are various Brands like:


Aplava deals directly with manufacturers and authorized distributors. So, there are hardly any chances of getting a duplicate or fake product.You can trust that anything you buy is 100% authentic, guaranteed.

Some features of this website include:

  • Complimentary samples with every order
  • Enjoy Beauty-full Rewards with APLAVA PRESTIGE
  • My Beauty Score and Expert Advice
You can determine your beauty score on the site by answering questions about your skin, hair etc. My Beauty Score analyzes takes into account concerns faced on 4 variables namely, Skincare, Suncare, Haircare & Eyecare. This will be used to recommend a skin care routine for you as well as the products.
I will be sharing another post on my beauty haul from Aplava jotting down details on ordering, processing time, packaging, delivery etc. very soon. Stay Tuned !!

About Aplava:

“Aplava derives its name from sanskrit origins. Aplava (pronounced “AAp luv” in original sanskrit) means taking a bath to purify oneself. It’s an ablution process of cleansing oneself.”  Just as the name suggests, Aplava wants to give its customers an experience of divine purity. Beauty is you!
They have an assortment of prestigious brands, niche and cult brands as well as household names under various categories like  Skincare, makeup, wellness, fragrance, travel, intimacy etc for men and women; bath and body and diapering for babies; room fragrance, candles etc. under home and gifting options too.