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Online Shopping Diary : Say Hi to Chumbak !!

Hi All,
Do you like some quirky and funky stuff just like me.If so Chumbak is the place for you.
Chumbak had a sale called ‘The Great Indian Sale’ where most of the items had huge discounts. I couldn’t resist it and I bought cool covers for my gadgets.
I was late during the sale and many items were already sold out. I still have a huge wishlist and I am definitely shopping from them again.
I am eyeing the cute coin pouches, sunglasses case and what not.
I ordered these covers for my Ipad Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Website URL– http://www.chumbak.com/
About Chumbak- ( From the Website)

We’ve always wanted to do something different.
Something that was fun, something that we loved. Well Hello Chumbak 🙂

It’s honestly quite a simple story 🙂 We loved to travel all over and that’s what brought us together. Each time we travelled, we would shop for souvenirs, especially fridge magnets. Being on really small budgets, fridge magnets made amazing and affordable gifts to friends and family back home. For some strange reason, we could never find fun fridge magnets right here in India. So in 2004, we started doing some initial research and life just took over and we weren’t able to get anywhere. Finally in 2009, we got our act together and spent a good six months on researching ( seriously this time around) various products. We narrowed down to a bunch of fun things that we’d have loved to buy and use 🙂

While thinking of a brand name, we thought we should name it after the first initial idea. Vivek asked Shubhra what magnet meant in Hindi and she said ‘Chumbak’ ! We fell in love with the name immediately and within an hour had registered the domain name. Facebook didn’t have pages those days and we were on our way !

Chumbak actually has an interesting etymology 🙂

When we dug deeper, we found out that Chumbak is broken into 2 words: Chumma and Bak ! We all know what Chumma Means. Bak means Stones. So Kissing + Stones = Magnets. How epic is that?

Towards the end of 2009, we finally had all the samples and they looked lovely! We showed them around to friends and family and were really encouraged by their support and response 🙂

Now the time had come to place the orders with the various manufacturers. With not much money in the bank we had to figure out where to raise money from. It was late 2009, we figured it had actually become a ‘Now or Never’ thing. The only asset we had was an apartment which we had bought a few years ago. It took us all of 15 mins to decide to sell it. We felt it was only money and we’d get it back in a couple of years time. It took us 6 months 🙂

With products in manufacturing, we had reached a point of no return. We didn’t have a single order in hand and no one had a clue what Chumbak was 🙂 Finally in March 2010, Chumbak was launched with just 3 stores selling our stuff. The rest of the story we’ll save for another day 🙂 To cut things short, here we are. All grown up. Still making mistakes, still learning fast and still loving what we do. We’re a bit funny, a bit silly and fully Mad about India.
We love design. It’s what we do. Sometimes we look back and wonder, “What the hell were we thinking..” but most of the time we’re really proud of what we do. We’re always thinking of more silly stuff to do, better briefs to come up with and a million topics and trends passing through our heads 🙂 Our inspiration comes from just looking all around us. India is full of amazing sights, sounds and smells 🙂 We look at the most random things and come up with what we do. We keep tweaking our designs till we’re happy. A single product typically goes through many many iterations. For something to become a Chumbak product, we typically cover the Chumbak logo and have it go through the design test. 9/10 people should recognize it as a Chumbak product without seeing the logo. We then know that we’re consistent 🙂
We design and make products that we love to use ourselves. Sometimes we make random stuff, but that’s us trying stuff out 🙂 We’re always experimenting with both design and product. Honestly, for every 10 new categories we come up with, we release only 3 or 4 of them. The rest get put into cold storage and we revisit them from time to time 🙂 Today we have over 30 categories of products including fridge magnets, keychains, bobble heads, tshirts and boxer shorts, coffee mugs, phone cases, laptop sleeves and a whole bunch more ! And to think, there a lot more from where that came from !

We’re a really small team. Young, mad, silly and extremely talented bunch of people 🙂 We honestly hire the very best. We always meet people and get to know them before even looking at what kind of role they’d like at Chumbak. We do so much masti, but at the same time we work our butts off. We laugh a lot at each others random jokes, make fun of people who eat noodles everyday for lunch and sing out really loud on birthdays 🙂 We’re based out of namma Bengaluru with teams in Bombay and Delhi as well.

My Order :

                                                   Kaboothar Ipad Mini Case for Rs.795/-
Ikkat S4 case for 595/-

Shipping only in India.Up to Rs.595 : Rs.50 shipping charge
I got my order Via Bluedart within 3-4 days.I got mail alerts too.
It was well packed and I loved the shopping experience from Chumbak.
You have 15 days from the date of shipment to return the item for an online store credit towards any item at Chumbak.com except customized goods.Shipping costs for returns are the responsibility of the customer. Cash on delivery is available too in selected cities and places.
You can also shop offline from their stores – http://www.chumbak.com/store-locator.html