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Organic Shop Website Review and Grenera Organic Tea Bags Haul !

Hey all,
Established in 2011, Organic Shop sells Organic food, cosmetics, textiles, clothing and home accessories. This website takes care of my entire organic shopping needs. They have a range of items in the categories lifestyle, home decor, beauty and skincare, food items etc.
Tea time is the best time! I did an Organic Tea haul from Organicshop.in and its from a Brand called Grenera. Grenera Nutrients offers Moringa tea in 8 assorted flavors. The flavors are Moringa Apple Cinnamon Tea, Moringa Strawberry Tea, Moringa Lemon Tea, Moringa Original Tea, Moringa Mint Tea, Moringa Ginger Tea, Moringa Pomegranate Tea and Moringa Green Tea. Each flavor has its own taste. 
Moringa Powder by Grenera Nutrients is made from organically grown moringa leaves ground into a fine powder. Moringa Powder has a unique, spicy flavor and provides nutritional benefits.


Organic Shop is India’s largest online organic marketplace of organic products offering certified and branded organic products. Organic Shop is your Organic Lifestyle Store featuring 6000 SKU’s from 65 leading brands offering organic food, clothing, cosmetics health and wellness products.
Organic Insights is a new online initiative for the like-minded organic enthusiasts to share news, videos, blogs, interesting experiences and views about organic eco-system. Organic Shop guarantees to deliver your product safely and in the best of condition within a maximum of 8 working days.
You may return the item(s) within 15 days of receiving the order for a full refund of the merchandise cost. Shipping charges shall be borne by you. Refunds will be as per your payment methods.
My Thoughts:
Finding the products and making a purchase is very easy. You can read the how to buy guide on Organic Shop website here. 
Similarly you can see the list of brands present in the website here.
Everything is neatly categorized and organised in various sections. There are plethora of choices when it comes to products.
The website loads quickly and is user friendly. Around 16 new features have been added to their website.
At Organic Lounge, the members will get access to some exclusive organic lifestyle products.
There will be offers, promotions, discounts and much more.You can earn reward points. These are some of the special features of Organic Shop website:
  • One Page Checkout
  • Gift Certificate
  • Raise a ticket
  • My account
  • Birthday Reminders
  • New arrivals and best sellers
  • Search bar
  • Detailed Product Info
  • Notification center
  • More brands and products
  • Easy navigation
  • Interactive Layout
  • Deal of the day
Why Organic Shop?
  • Offers widest range of organic products under a single domain – Organic Shop offers you the widest range of organic products including food, textiles, clothing, cosmetics and lifestyle. Currently, Organic Shop has a products catalogue of more than 7000 certified organic products.
  • Quality assurance – When you buy products from Organic Shop you are assured about the fact that these are truly Organic, natural and herbal.
  • Amazing shopping discounts and promotions – Organic Shop offers fantastic shopping deals on regular basis with launch special, exclusive discounts, biggest promotions , seasonal discounts on special days.
  • Secure Payments – Shopping at Organic Shop is 100% secure and safe. 
  • Timely delivery of products – Organic Shop offers a 7 Days Delivery guarantee bought on the site. 
  • Customers first – Organic Shop offers an unmatched and superior customer experience with the right infrastructure, customer support model and the continuous expansions in our products.
Products are sourced directly from manufacturers and local artisan. So if you order different products from different vendors, it will be shipped separately. You might not get everything in a single order. Since I ordered everything from Grenera, I got it in a single parcel. Grenera offers free shipping. Some of the vendors selling on Organic Shop may charge you a shipping fee. There is no COD option on the website.
The products were packed neatly. I got an invoice and I was updated with the notifications. I faced no issues at all and my purchase process went smoothly.
My Haul:

5 variants of Grenera 20 Tea bags / box for a discounted price of Rs 125/- ( Actual Price is Rs 150/box). I saved around Rs 100/- and got free shipping.

Grenera Moringa Apple Cinnamon Tea – Moringa green tea is a combination of nutritious Moringa leaves and organically grown Moringa leaves. Moringa leaves are rich a group of Antioxidants called Polyphenols and Moringa leaves are rich in a group of antioxidants called Flavonoids. The combination of these leaves in a single tea bag makes it a favorite Morning wake up refreshment drink.
Grenera Moringa Strawberry Tea – The red strawberries haven been the most favourite fruit of the world. We blend died strawberry pieces with African grown Hibiscus petal and the nutritious Moringa leaves to make a perfect strawberry tea. Moringa strawberry tea is a sweet, refreshing drink with a delicious fruit flavor.
Grenera Moringa Pomegranate Tea – Pomegranate is considered to be one of the most nutritious fruits owing to its very high antioxidant contents. We blend dried pieces of delicious pomegranate pieces with African hibiscus petals and Moringa leaves and they form a perfect refreshing drink. Moringa Pomegranate has been very popular among the health conscious people.
Grenera Moringa Lemon Tea Moringa Lemon Tea, the perfect evening refreshing drink, contains Moringa leaves, dried citrus pieces and lemongrass. The citrus flavor and taste combined with Moringa Nutrients makes it a favorable drink.

Grenera Moringa Ginger TeaMoringa Ginger tea is one of our best selling classical products world wide. we carefully source the organically grown ginger pieces from the Malabar region in South India. The nutritional benefits of Ginger combined with that of the Moringa make it a wonderful drink after a great mall.

I would definitely suggest this tea for you health-crazed-tea flavor-lovers. I am on a weight loss planning, so I HAD to buy it! It’s great, and Ginger is a good cold-remedy and boosts your metabolism. The flavors are mild and makes me feel refreshed. I feel relaxed.
I highly recommend you to check Organic Shop !