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Paperboat Drinks Anar

Paperboat Drinks Anar Review !

Hey All,

Last month, I received a “Memories Box” by Paperboat  in my Mail. I was truly touched and amazed by their gesture. Paperboat Team sent me their new Anar drink variant in a cute tin box filled with hay containing two juice packs, post cards, letter, fridge magnet and some Handmade Ladoos ( The Team prepared the Ladoos themselves). Thank you Team Paperboat !!

Paperboat Drinks Anar

Paperboat Pomegranate Drink did take me back home to my childhood days. The Paperboat team is nice, friendly and cooperative. They have never forced me to share this post. They sent me some juice packs and Three Men in a Boat book before. I enjoyed the gift but I forgot to review. Then, recently I received this nostalgic box and their whole presentation and warm attitude totally won me over that I instantly decided to write a post for them.

Any drink can be made to taste good. Or feel nutritious. But how many drinks tell a story like Paperboat?

Paperboat Drinks Anar

Ingredients of Paperboat Anar:

60% of pomegranate juice a little bit ofsugar a little bit ofwater and somespices & condiments and all this stuff:natural and nature-identical flavouring substances

About Paperboat Anar:

If you asked scientists to invent a way of packing ambrosia into delicious pearl-sized pouches*, they’d look at you quizzically and ask, “Have you not met Anar?” (*We’d advise you ask scientists to invent other, umm, fruitful things. Like something that postpones Mondays. And submissions. And submissions on Mondays.) Yes. Pomegranate. Loved by all. Misspelled by all. Precious rubies of respite on a hot day. Powerhouse of nutrients. Ma’s best friend. And your white shirts’ worst enemy. Originally from Iran, this princely fruit descended the Silk Route to our short break’s tiffin dabbas. And today, its nectar has been painstakingly collected and presented to you without fuss, frills, pollutants or preservatives. It would be disservice to call it a mere drink. Anar, is elixir.

Paperboat Drinks Anar

Functional benefits of Anar:

Anar, we’ll have you know, is quite the old hat. So old, that its first sightings have been traced to the Bronze Age. Maybe that’s why it’s so good at beating aging. Packed with polyphenols, Anar has such commendable antioxidant properties that it probably lectured green tea on the matter. And speaking of beating – Anar is good for the heart, its fiber is kind to the weighing scale, and its abundant Vitamin C is great for immunity. If Ma could wish for a happy-health-elf to follow you around, it would be Anar.

Paperboat Drinks Anar

About Paperboat:

In April 2011, four friends — Neeraj Kakkar, Suhas Misra, Neeraj Biyani and James Nuttall — decided to start Hector Beverages, their Gurgaon-based startup. They rolled out Tzinga energy drink in Delhi and Bangalore for Rs 20 per 200-ml pack. It become a hit.

Paper Boat started with two variants in August 2013: aam panna and jaljeera. These were followed by aamras, kalakhatta, kokum, golgappe ka pani and imli. There are other variants like Tulsi Tea, Ginger Lemon Tea and Chilled rasam. They unveiled Anar flavour recently. There are 10 flavours at present. More variants will be launched soon. Today, the name Paper Boat brings smile to our face. Paper Boat is a brand dear to all of us.

Paperboat Drinks Anar

My Take on the Product:

Paper Boat Anar drink is priced at 35 INR for 250 ML. Paper Boat  Anar drink comes in a red and white tetra packaging. The packaging is hygienic and colorful.  The pack looks cute and attractive.

Paper Boat drinks are easily available in all super markets and grocery stores. You can also order them online in a single click.

Paperboat Drinks Anar

I tasted the chilled Anar drink after shaking the pouch. I loved its tartness.  It was so delicious and refreshing.The laddoos were yum too. It’s better to serve and have paper boat instead of cola and soft drinks. The drink is housed in a nice tetra pack which is easy to carry around in bag. Paper Boat tetra pack comes with a screw lid and is resealable. You can open, sip some and store it. There is no need to finish it one go and you dont even require a straw. The matte doy pack with the spout, is quirky. Awwww… those graphical representations !!

It is apt for every age group. Kids will love it.  If you have a busy schedule and you have no time to make fruit juices at home, these packs are best alternative. The Anar variant is low on sugar (4.5 g/100ml) and calories ( 47.2 kcal/100 mL) compared to other unhealthy drinks.

Paperboat Drinks Anar

I am in love with these drinks and you can gift an assortment of different flavors to your loved ones.

What I liked about Paperboat Anar:

Affordable Price
Travel Friendly
Gluten Free
No Preservatives
No added colours
No artificial flavours
Delicious and healthy drinks
Can be purchased online
Easy Availability offline
Fruit flavours
Indian traditional ingredients
Great packaging & hygienic
Tastes amazing 
Convinient to use
Nutritional benefits

You can order these healthy drinks from their online store. You can visit their Facebook and Instagram pages too.

Paper Boat offers a wide range of beverages that can satiate taste buds of any individual. Try them now!

* PR Samples. This post was created in Collabration with Paper boat, all opinions stated are honest and my own.