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Rabbit's Foot Inc

Wooden Serveware from Rabbit’s Foot Inc !!

Hello All,


Rabbit’s Foot Inc. is a Delhi-NCR based brand founded by Divya Kothiwal that sells a range of artisan handcrafted wooden homeware and other accents for living spaces. Their products are inspired by our Indian culture & aesthetics.


Rabbit’s Foot Inc. use a variety of wood, procures its material mainly from local markets.  They also conduct workshops and participate in many pop up shows.


Rabbit’s Foot Inc. products are made in small batches and not mass produced clutter. This brings more joy in shopping for your everyday spaces.  Rabbit’s Foot Inc. is available on  Facebook & Instagram, from where you can shop online.


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Instagram Handle: @rabbitsfootinc
Facebook Handle: Rabbit’s Foot Inc.


Here is a range of kitchen serveware/dining ware products from this brand:


Rabbit's Foot Inc


Everyday Round Coasters : 
These look natural yet modern. It is not just one of your table essentials as it is multi-purpose. They are ideal to be used for dining tables, bedside tables, study tables/workspace, nesting tables and other everyday surfaces. You can even use them on your dressing table to store your knick-knacks overnight, like rings, hairpins, and other tiny items. These coasters are made from Mango Wood and naturally polished. The texture, color and veins may vary from piece to piece. These coasters come in a set of four and can be used to mount tumblers as well (Bye to water rings).  Price INR 550


Rabbit's Foot Inc



Square Latticed Tray: It is a fact that one can never have enough trays. You need to use them everywhere in every corner of the house. This tray can be used in multiple ways. It will find a place in the kitchen to serve up a few glasses of juice/coffee or on your dining table as a fruit bowl. It can be used as a perfect desk accessory to hold your bundle of stationery or your side-table to be used as a bigger coaster for water glass and jug.  I love to store few beauty essentials in this tray. It keeps my cosmetics handy. My mom says it will suit even in pooja room to store puja items.  This tray is made from Steam Beech Wood and comes with self-help grip handles on two sides. I like the red colored finish of this day and its designer cut on the sides. This will look good on the center table as well.  Price INR 800



Rabbit's Foot Inc


Round Pizza Platter: This is mainly to serve a variety of delicious pizza during your special evenings or dinners. But, you can use it to serve anything be it sliced bread, fruits, snacks, desserts or fresh juices. It will definitely find a place on your dining table and you are sure to use this more often than you think several times in a day.  The pizza platter is made from Mango Wood. The long handle gives added convenience while serving and makes the food easy to carry. Price INR 1500


Rabbit's Foot Inc


All Rabbit’s Foot Inc. products are food Safe and can be used directly to serve food.  You can gift these products to your loved ones who enjoy cooking and decor. These double up well as photography props. These stylish wooden serveware is a welcome addition to any kitchen. The products are handmade from high-quality wood and are durable plus versatile. What makes Rabbit’s Foot Inc. products special is that they preserve the natural beauty of wood in their designs making it stunning tools with a mix of form and functionality.


The best way to clean these wooden products is with a damp cloth or sponge. Honestly, Rabbit’s Foot Inc. just made food presentation easier. The products are affordably priced.


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