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Shalinindia Online Store Review !!

Hey All,

Online shopping has changed so much these days. It allows us to purchase things we don’t get in our locality plus we get to shop competitively. While shopping online, we face endless options. I am always on the lookout for home decor pieces. While searching, I stumbled across the Shalinindia website. The Shalinindia website welcomes the user with a plethora of products under various categories and that is what made me instantly like it.

Shalinindia.in is an Indian Online shopping portal for Jewellery, Clothing, handmade gifts, Cool Games, tablecloths, Statue and interior home decors. Shalinindia represents the spirit of our culture and heritage. The Shalinindia site offers everything you’d need ranging from Apparel, Jewellery, Home Decor, Sculpture to Game, Music Instruments and tableware. I was thrilled to discover colourful bedding, pretty tableware to well-designed floor rugs. All products are available at affordable prices and they are made in India.

Shalinindia is One Stop, Online Shop, For Everything You Ever Wanted From India. Shalinindia offers Free Delivery on all orders. All orders are shipped within 1-2 working days and delivered in 3-5 days. Gift-wrapping facility is available.  The Estimated Arrival Date for your merchandise is displayed on the product pages. Shalinindia has partnered with the best carriers to make sure your order gets to you on time. You can track your order online after it is shipped. All products come with an Invoice. There are several payment options such as credit card, debit card etc. with a secure payment gateway. Their “Live Chat” feature is something which i appreciate.

Shalinindia offers 100% payment protection on your purchases. If you’re unsatisfied with any item, you can return it within 30 days. Some orders containing fast selling products are fulfilled by Amazon. Shalinindia is headquartered in Gurgaon, India.  ShalinIndia, founded in 2007 serves the global community. All Indian products available are authentic. They also have a dedicated customer support team.

From their traditional and ethnic products including apparel, jewellery and home decor, to our exclusive Hindu and Buddhist sculptures, arts and books, ShalinIndia has you covered. ShalinIndia makes it convenient for you to buy Indian cultural products from the comfort of your own home. ShalinIndia offers competitive pricing, friendly service and some of the best products you’ll find anywhere.  What I love is their quality products and an extensive selection. Shalinindia gives people abroad a sense of connectivity to our Indian culture. This website has finest craftsmen and great designers to deliver unique products you get in India. Shalinindia is also a treat to all the global Indians because it’s now easy to buy Indian products from any part of the world. You can even send gifts via Shalinindia to your family, relatives or friends worldwide to throw in a surprise for them.

Shalinindia is my new favourite site to browse during my leisure time.  I thought of putting up a little sneak peak of what’s available on Shalinindia! Here is the wishlist I have curated:

Women’s Scarf: These scarfs are handmade out of 100 percent wool and can be worn as a scarf or a wrap. The design is so elegant which makes it suitable for any occasion. These Colourful and Handmade Indian Embroidered Wraps have been produced by hand by the nomadic artisans of the Kutch region in Gujarat, India. The fabrics are worked on a hand loom, creating soft, luxurious texture and truly exquisite details. The thread quality is high.


Wooden Jewellery Boxes: This is a set of 2 rectangular boxes made of Indian sheesham wood. One box fits inside the bigger box and both have identical designs. They are mahogany in color with an artistic top. They may be used for storing jewellery items or décor such as colourful marbles, dry aroma petals etc. These classic boxes come straight to you from Saharanpur in India, which is known for its floral carvings.


Foil Printed Bags: The classy foil printing on the denim fabric gives a very chic look to jute bag. These are designed keeping gifting in mind but you use these as fashion statement too. You can even carrying offerings to the temple in this bag.

Copper Tableware: Handcrafted by the artisans of Muradabad in north India, these copper mugs are not only very functional but also object the décor for your home. The collection includes Mugs, Tumblers and Serving Bowls.


Musical Instruments:  The Tibetan Buddhist Singing Bowl Musical Instrument is ideal for pleasure or to use one to deepen your meditation, yoga or healing practices. Flutes of transverse and fipple type with high frequency notes are available exclusively. The flutes are made with natural bamboo and Handcrafted in Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh. I loved the collection of Ghungroos i.e, the musical anklet tied to the feet of classical Indian dancers.


Shop with Shalinindia today to experience the difference. Visit ShalinIndia for all traditional/ethnic Indian products, gifts, accessories, Indian cultural products as well as a complete range of apparel, jewellery and home décor.