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Shopping experience and review of INDIA CIRCUS-Create Contemporary Culture!


Hope you all are doing well.

Do you remember some time back I introduced you to a brand and website called India Circus where I had shared the details about the site, their collections and some of my favourite picks from them? Read here if youare not able to recollect.

Cool, funky and quirky accessories. Today I am gonna share with you my shopping experience from this website. Read on.

Let’s go through a quick introduction about the India Circus by Krshna Mehta.

About India Circus: ( Extract from website)

India Circus offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable style for various areas of your life, from home décor to personal accessories. Inspired by life in India today, India Circus appropriates this rich effervescent, historic, and idiosyncratic experience into its designs. With a diverse All-Indian palette, the India Circus vision juxtaposes India’s decadent royal past with her modern urban-scape and even local handicrafts, and so much more, to offer a refreshingly distinct and vibrant aesthetic.

With two successful decades of experience as an award-winning artist and designer, Krsna Mehta embarks on his first entrepreneurial venture with India Circus. Remaining committed to design, Mehta and his India Circus studio create all of India Circus’ characteristic prints and patterns. Currently commissioning its own manufacturing as well, India Circus dedicates itself to bring clients affordable luxury without ever compromising on pristine and impeccable quality.

Based in Mumbai, India, India Circus manages its own brand online, from its namesake website (www.indiacircus.com), and currently delivers its products within India and worldwide. India Circus has already established successful partnerships with various domestic retail giants, including @home and Westside department stores in India, which feature select product ranges. India Circus will also launch its very first flagship store, in Mumbai later this year. The brand has also further fortified a global presence by partnering with various retail stores overseas, including Comme un Monde in Paris, France, and Urban-Yogi in Dubai, UAE., among many others. India Circus also boasts incredibly successful partnerships with renowned online retailers across the globe, including Europe’s www.westwing.com, and www.fab.com. India Circus’ complete product range is only available online at www.indiacircus.com.

My Shopping Experience:

 I was drooling over the quirky accessories of this website.I ordered an utility pouch to store my makeup essentials.I ordered the Jalebi Funky Slippers Utility Pouch.The price of this product is Rs. 999.

My Order reached me in four days which is very decent as I stay in the south and the parcel had come all its way from north.

My order was safe.it was packed in the classic white and purple cover of the brand. The same colour combination is like the one used on the brand’s logo and the parcel is recognisable at one glance that it has arrived from India Circus.

The goodies were bubbled wrapped inside. The external Cover also had a layer of bubble wrap inside. Double protection. The Pouch was also wrapped in a polythene sheet and some paper rolls were put inside.

The material of this pouch is faux leather and it has the dimensions 9″ x 6.25″.It comes with a zipper and care instructions of spot cleaning.

The Customer Care is responsive and helpful. Earlier I had purchased two small sling handbags from them and was not happy with the order as it was small and full of  dirt somehow. The customer care immediately arranged for swapping or exchanging the product for an item I like.I exchanged it for an Ipad/Tablet Sleeve.See the Pics below.

First time my payment failed and next time it succeeded.So I got confused as I got two mails.I mailed customer care but didn’t get reply this time.But my order arrived safely.The invoice of the order was attached.I got all updates of shipping and delivery via E-mails and SMS.My courier reached through GATI courier services.

I am happy with my order from this website.The only thing I am unhappy about is the size.I wish the size of the pouch was little more bigger as I carry a number of stuffs.The pouch is multi purpose,stylish and travel friendly.The product is very good quality but the sizing isn’t perfect.
My Order: Shop this pouch here Jalebi Funky Slippers Utility Pouch

About the product: This Jalebi Funky Slippers utility pouch will literally tell you, “Walk with Me.” With designs of beautiful ethnic, Indian-style chappals and mojaris all across, this pouch is a tribute to the colour, comfort and class that the modest Indian slippers bring into many, many lives. Ideal to store your everyday essentials. Flaunt this cool accessory!

About the collection: The Jalebi Collection maintains its composure across a tight-wire between fun and frivolity. This colourful collection features various icons of the Indian cityscape, from bicycles and rickshaws, to grandiose monuments of bygone dynasties. Jalebi captures quintessential emblems of life in India, and transcribes this loud and colourful experience into a sophisticated style for a contemporary lifestyle.

  • Quick Delivery
  • Quality of the product is good
  • Funky, quirky and stylish colourful designs.
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Easy returns and cancellation.
  • Exact details of every product are mentioned in the website
  • Accepts many payment methods.


  • Shipping and COD charges for orders below 1000. (Not heavy charges though)
  • The site is little slow to load sometimes and the payment failed.But I was able to go back and place my order.
  • The sizing of most of the products are not accurate or perfect.The sizing is very small for some products.Please Improve the sizing.

Rating: 4/5

Did you like the pouch? View and shop from the entire collection of utility pouches here: http://indiacircus.com/accessories/utility-pouches.html

The Pouch can hold all your favourites and essentials.I carry only essential stuff so this is okay for me while travelling but to store the makeup stuff I have in my home this wont be enough.I have a huge makeup collection 😀

This will come handy for me to keep my things intact in my handbag and while travelling.If you carry a few things this a great buy.It is really good as it is multipurpose product.If you are a person who carry huge stuffs then you have to buy a bigger pouch.

They are running an Introductory Offer where you can Sign Up and Get Rs. 1,000 worth discounts.

** Disclaimer : I was provided a gift voucher to shop but it has not affected my opinion.Honest review as always.

Sign up today and shop from India Circus.