Shopping Experience with Qtrove !!
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Shopping Experience with Qtrove !!

Shopping Experience with Qtrove !!

Hello All,

Our Incredible India is known for its culture. India is a land of arts and handicrafts with every region in India having a specialty. Online retail platforms help these talented artisans to showcase their art work and earn a living. Qtrove is one such Bangalore based startup.

Qtrove helps you to buy & sell homemade products like crafts, jewellery, quilts, soaps, greeting cards, books, gourmet foods, pickles, teas, chocolates and other handmade stuff. You may even find traditional sarees, hand crafted gift items, crockery, home decor and accessories. Qtrove is a marketplace dedicated to the sale of handmade items. Without all that riff-raff on huge platforms where one doesn’t get much visiblity, sellers have a better opportunity to stand out on Qtrove.

Shopping Experience with Qtrove !! Shopping Experience with Qtrove !! Shopping Experience with Qtrove !!

Qtrove has a great collection of natural products like home-baked cakes , preservative free jams, organic beauty products etc. all at affordable price tags. They have a special Rs.199 store !!

The website is so user friendly where visuals are more dominating. All goodies look tempting. After I placed my order, I got all updates via email and phone. My order got shipped within one day and they got delivered to me in 3 days. Based on your location, items will reach you within 3-10 days. Delivery was pretty quick.

Though my items were individually shipped, the entire order came together in different packets. The products were all packaged in an excellent manner. Envelope, then bubble/cling wrap and cardboard boxes.

They have a great customer support team. I received a thank you call. They answer your queries promptly and patiently.

I loved each and every item I shopped from Qtrove. It was really a pleasant experience. I highly recommend you all to checkout this website.

Here are the goodies I shopped for:

Antique Handcrafted Gold Plate Earring With Yellow Drops by Kaveesh Creations – Rs 120

Shopping Experience with Qtrove !!

Pure White Chocolate by Rage Chocolatier – Rs 185

Shopping Experience with Qtrove !!

A5 Notebook Lemon Pattern by Can Of Juice – Rs 175

Shopping Experience with Qtrove !!

I have a discount coupon to share with my followers and this code can save you 20% on your checkout amount. Use code BLOGISH20 (20% off on first online paid order above Rs 300)

Link to their site – Qtrove.com

Enjoy Your Shopping !!

** I was provided with a coupon to shop the above items.