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Te.Cha Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea !

Te.Cha Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea !!

Hello All,

I am a huge Tea Addict. Tea comes in different variations and flavors. Before choosing your favorite tea brand, one should make sure that the brand is organic and uses quality ingredients in its product.  I came across this brand ‘Te.Cha’. Te.Cha is the first specialty tea boutique in India offering a wide range of healthy tea blends including White tea, Green tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, and much more.

I was sent ORGANIC DARJEELING IMPERIAL OOLONG TEA by Te.Cha boutique. It is my first time trial for loose leaf Oolong teas.

Te.Cha Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea !

The tea is packaged in a cute red tin. The tin can be reused for multiple purposes. It has all necessary instructions and details in the form of infographics. I am really impressed with the packaging.

The actual Tea is in a loose leaf form. The loose leaves are packed in a silver wrap inside an air tight container. The tea is meant to re-steep. The aroma is tempting. The tea looks similar to black tea appearance wise. It oxidizes to a reddish-brown upon cooling. The taste isn’t strong, rather mild, but soothing. It is not that sharp or bitter like Black tea but stronger than Green Tea. You can sip this Oolong tea while enjoying any snack. The health benefits of Oolong Tea are many like weight management, de-stressing, anti cancer properties and healthy skin. So, it is worth adding a cup to our daily routine. From what I have tasted, Te.Cha has some great quality teas.

Te.Cha Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea ! Te.Cha Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea ! Te.Cha Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea !

In Chinese, Oolong means black dragon. Oolong tea is a semi fermented tea, blending the prime qualities of in-oxidized green tea and fully oxidized black tea. It has a strong and refreshing flavor with the richest taste among all kinds of teas. Oolong blocks the absorption of fats and carbohydrates which play a key role in weight reducing benefits.

If you’re interested in trying out Techa’s variety of Teas, you can visit their website here to place your order. Experience Te.Cha’s wide range of Healthy Tea Blends for a healthier you. Te.Cha is indeed a tea lovers haven.

Te.Cha Tea hamper makes the most adorable gifting option too. The packaging is drool-worthy.

About Te.Cha Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea: This Organic Black Dragon Tea is the partially oxidized version of the Oolong family, which makes this tea a favorable blend of sumptuous taste and aroma. It is a premium organic tea that comes exclusively from the mountains of eastern Taiwan where the altitude and weather impact a range of delicate flavors.

Price: Rs. 1,249.00 for 50 gms

Flavor: Mellow.

Merits: Stabilizes blood sugar, prevents tooth decay, promotes healthy hair, prevents osteoporosis and forms strong bones, strengthens the immune system by combating the free radicals.

Recommended number of steeps: Two

About Te.Cha: “As tea lovers, we know how much pleasure a good cup of tea provides. And so our collection features the most amazing aromatic arousal flavors that linger for long after that last sip.

Té.Chā is the first specialty tea boutique in India to offer more than just buying teas – It’s about a journey to EXPERIENCING the finest gourmet Teas and infusions proffering a complete gifting and health solution. Serving India the finest gourmet tea and ulTEAmate tea blends for over 3 generations, Uphaar offers you a superb blend of selected health teas from the lands of India, China, and Germany.

With an exclusive range of gourmet collection, we have some fine teas selectively sourced from across the world to be brought in India for the first time. The top most grade of Oolong teas such as The Monkey Picked Oolong, The Silver Needle, The Golden Tips along with some of the superior hand rolled teas, makes it to our shelves!”

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