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Timsy and Siddhartha’s IKNOW STUDIO

As all you Girlies out there know, looking our best every day is no easy. We have to work hard every day in fact for achieving that. I am a person who gives importance to the looks which is why this particular site caught my eye.
I stumbled across this site when I was searching for some sites in Google where I can shop good dresses and instantly I feel in love with this website
 If you’re looking for a great fashion website where you want to mindlessly search different outfits you can spend your time here.
It’s none other than www. Iknowstudio.com
About IKNOW STUDIO: ( From iknowstudio.com)
Timsy and Siddhartha are Indian Fashion Designers and they sell under the label of IKNOW which was conceived in the year 2009. An incredible understanding of silhouette development and their own preference of more minimal and uncluttered design make for strikingly contemporary sensibility. We initiated with a small team with an aim to design fashionable clothes for men and women with broad assortment. 
We are dedicated in providing the most contemporary and stylish clothes to our customers. With a focus on today’s youth, we offer trendy and hip fashion that are visually stimulating and defines their hopes and aspirations.
Our ideology is: To bring fashion to your wardrobe.
IKNOW believe that clothes should just be an extension of one’s intellect. They use unusual fabrics, texturing and detailing, ‘fusion’ of styles with gorgeous embellishments in all colours to the make the collection attractive.
Our Collection
We have different range of products that caters to the masses as well as the niche market. Our collection includes:
  • Formal and Semi-Formal Shirts for Men.
  • Formal and Semi-Formal Trousers for Men.
  • Kurtas for Men.
  • Fashion Accessories for Men.
  • Formal and Semi-Formal Shirts for Women.
  • Formal and Semi-Formal Trousers for Women.
  • Tops for Women.
  • Dresses for Women.

Why IKNOW STUDIO is unique?
IKNOW looks at fashion design as an art form and enjoy working with different fabrics, style lines and concepts. Apparently we have been working on deconstructing garments which fulfills the need of a fashion savvy man and woman. Our inspiration comes from the swapping parties where one man’s waste was another man’s treasure. People exchange their unwanted clothes with each other which ultimately prove to be a fashion haven. Taking this idea forward our existing silhouettes are first de-constructed and then reconstructed which takes the form of a whole new design. Though the design process involves a lot of experimenting, yet the final construction is kept hustle-free.
What I like about IKNOW:
  • Unique collection
  • Attractive price
  • Great offers
  • Easy returns
  • Great packaging
  • Cash on delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Hassle free shopping and on time delivery

Benefits of joining IKNOW:
  • Sign up and get Rs 500 off on your first purchase
  • 15% flat discount coupoun
  • Additional discount of 5 % off on all prepaid orders

Do visit the website @www.iknowstudio.com for your daily style fix!! 
IKNOW Website:

IKNOW Style Explosion (IKNOW Collection):

My picks from IKNOW:

What is your pick??
Make a statement with Iknow and Happy shopping.
Don’t forget to leave your comments on IKNOW
Hope you liked this website.
P.S:All the images on this post unless and otherwise stated belongs to IKNOW