ToiletTree Stainless Steel Shower Wall Caddy Review!
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ToiletTree Stainless Steel Shower Wall Caddy Review!

Hey Everyone,

ToiletTree Products is a company that sells some innovative and unique bathroom accessories. You will find a range of products like fogless shower mirrors, bamboo bathtub caddies, bamboo towel racks, bamboo shower mats, tooth paste dispenser and other bamboo bathroom accessories.

A Shower Caddy is a device placed in a shower that holds soaps, shampoos, conditioners, loofahs, razors, shaving cream, tooth brushes, washcloths, sponges, or any other item you want within reach while taking a shower.


Product Description:

  • 5 Year Rust Free Guarantee
  • We use high quality Stainless Steel and not cheap chrome. Chrome will rust!
  • 25″H x 11″W x 5″D


Shower Wall Caddy – Stainless Steel – Each level gives you enough room to store standard size shampoo and body wash bottles. The hook is wrapped in a rubber coating which will allow it to keep a firm grip around your shower head or shower door and will not cause any scratching. We have also included a suction cup at the bottom which will hold the caddy in place and not slide from side to side. There are 2 hooks which are good for hanging sponges and loofahs and also 2 spots to hold your favorite shaving razor.


We stand behind our Stainless Steel products. With an easy wipe down every now and then, you can buy this knowing that in a few years, it will look just as it did when you purchased it.

My Thoughts:

This hanging wall shower caddy is made from Stainless Steel material and it’s not going to rust. You may find that the price is a bit expensive but trust me it’s worth it. You get what you pay for and this caddy is going to last for a longer period since it is not made of any cheap material like chrome. It is made in china. 5 years rust free guarantee and one year limited warranty is awesome. The model number of this shower caddy is TTP-SS-2


Basket 2

The product comes with a hook to hang it anywhere on the shower head, door etc. and is protected with a rubber coating, so it remains slippage free. This caddy has closet clothes hanger type hook at the top, which supports its weight. It also ensures that there are no scratches and gives a firm grip to the caddy.  The caddy doesn’t slide down, dropping everything in it unlike the other ones because the suction cup and the hook ensure that the caddy remains intact in place.


Basket 1

You can install this caddy in minutes without any tools or expertise. All you need to do is hang and stick the suction to shower or tile. It has a total of 3shelves. Two of the shelves are larger, and one shelf is a little smaller. The hooks are forward facing. It’s got two hooks so you can hang a towel or robe conveniently.


Soap Dish

There are two standard baskets in the caddy where you can store shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, body washes, face washes and all other beauty essentials that you need. There is a soap holder at the bottom in the third level where you can place your soap and it comes with two rings to hang your razors, and 2 hooks to hang sponges and loofahs. The shower caddy remains steady. The baskets are big enough and can hold full size bottles or tubs. Even after dumping a lot of products into it, it doesn’t look overcrowded or messy. There is room for space for everything.


Final Set Up looks like this

The shower caddy is not too big and not too small. It is just perfectly sized and doesn’t appear bulky. It is very user friendly. I love the ease of use factor with this product. It is easy to place and remove. It has plenty of room for all of my products. The unit can sit on your bathroom vanity or anywhere outside. You could use it in other areas of your home too.



All of my shower clutter is now neatly organized! Everything is easily reachable and at my fingertips. Things are not constantly falling off from the edge of the sink or tub. The shower caddy offers lots of much needed “storage”. It’s very durable and value for money. I’ve been 100% satisfied with this shower caddy so far.


The three shelves are self-draining, and have holes and you can store a few bottles upside down for quicker dispensing.  This caddy has freed up so much space in my bathroom. The product is so sturdy. As soon as I finished installing this rack and setting it up, I couldn’t stop staring at it because it is very versatile and pretty. It is really stable and I can depend on this caddy anytime.


I absolutely love this shower caddy. I highly recommend ToiletTree Accessories to everyone. This is a must have utility product in every home. It is a great, nice looking, well-made quality shower caddy.

Price: $49.95 but available at a discounted price of $39.95 now


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P.S: I received a sample of the above product for review purpose but it has not affected my opinions. My post is 100 % honest