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Wonky Works - Awesomely Upcycled !!

Wonky Works – Awesomely Upcycled !!

Hello All,

Wonky Works makes Glass Art and have an eclectic collection of Handmade Upcycled Products. Their products are made from blown glass, kiln-formed glass, etched and engraved glass.

Wonky Works is based out of Vadodara where they have a small but independent art studio. They are one of the first in India to do such a project.

Wonky Works - Awesomely Upcycled !!

I was surprised to find much creative stuff made out of waste glass bottles. Their collection includes upcycled glassware/glass art, vintage furniture, sustainable interior designs, architectural elements and specialty tutoring.

They strictly follow the principles of being green and ethical making. They believe that sustainable living choices can lead to long-term environmental benefits for future generations.  The heat needed to melt their upcycled glass pieces is very high, between 650˚C to 800˚C.

Wonky Works - Awesomely Upcycled !! Wonky Works - Awesomely Upcycled !!

I was surprised to see a vast range of items like book holders, planters, flower vases, card/tissue holders, platters, chai cups etc. The items are useful. You can add a dash of color to your home with these products. The products are fade proof and washable.

I was sent four green appetizer plates and a stunning vase cum tissue holder made out of recycled Carlsberg bottle.  The vase cum holder is called Super Batli and it instantly green up my table/desk space. You can add store bought flowers or just some freshly plucked from the garden.  I love that Wonky Works is eco-friendly.

Wonky Works Wonky Works

The appetizer plate set is priced at Rs 2000. The super batli is priced at Rs. 800/-

Wonky Works Wonky Works

Look at their cute box design !! They have printed some upcycling gyaan on it.  Be Green Not Mean 🙂

For those who like a bit of quirk, Wonky Works is a great store to check out. I was super thrilled to try some out of the box extraordinary products from Wonky Works !! Thank you team Wonky Works !!

** Products gifted by Ekta from Wonky Works