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#‎HappyParenting Must Watch Video by Doctors Circle !

Hey Everyone,

Parenting is fun and spending time with kids is one of those best times in life. Admit it or not, Parenting can be a real grind sometimes. Being a parent feels a lot harder at times. Because parenting is challenging, sometimes you will forget to stay happy in the midst of all tension and stress that you undergo.

We are conditioned by our own social experiences to trust that parenting or childhood are supposed to look a particular way. If you stick onto the way things are “supposed” to be, you may miss many things. Prioritize things as a parent. There’s a lot you can do to promote your child’s emotional well-being as a mom or dad. There are many ways to raise happy kids.

Given the right nurturing and encouragement, all kids can be great kids. If you are happy, your kids will be happy too. Parents love and caring is the most precious thing in the universe and nothing can beat it. It is your duty to direct your children to the right path. Nothing can be as soothing as those soothing smiles, hugs and kisses and words of encouragement or wisdom. Respect that each kid has the right to be their self.

For all the parents out there who are struggling to bring up the kids right from making them disciplined, helping with homework, talking about some subjects and advising against bad doings, here is a video dedicated for you.

I am not a parent right now but I know that feeling. As a kid, I was brought up by my grandparents and dad’s brother (I call him Pepa). I was away from my parents. I have never felt lonely with them. I never felt that I am missing my parents. They have taken care of me well and faced so many difficulties to bring me to this level. Right from feeding me, making me ready, dropping to school, supporting in my studies, buying the things I ask for; they have done it all. Though everything seems very easy, we can understand only when we become a parent. I am really proud of them. My parents are my role models. Everyone of us has a similar story and that’s why I thought of sharing a fantastic video I came across.


This video by ‘Doctors Circle’ and their ‘Happy Parenting’ Community is a tribute to all the ‪#‎Parents for doing the toughest job in the world. This video is dedicated to all the Moms and Dads, who worked or have been working hard to nurture the kids day and night just to make us happy. We should Respect their efforts. And the team at ‘Doctors Circle’ and ‘Happy Parenting’ are committed to make the parents job if not easy then more fun filing.

You can watch the video below. The video runs for 1.47 minutes. The video compares the art of pottery with parenting and it has many good deep meanings. The different stages of pot making are shown along with different stages of childhood. The video ends with a message ‘A Young Mind is a clay, Shape it beautifully’.

I really loved this video and infact it left me teary eyed due to the memories it brought back in me.  The video is a Must Watch! Don’t hesitate to Share it, if you feel nostalgic at any given point of time! It’s never too late to be a better parent. Have a ‪#‎HappyParenting

You can connect with ‘Doctors Circle’ and ‘Happy Parenting’ on Facebook here:

 P.S: I am not paid or compensated for writing this post. I just wanted to share a good message with you all.