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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Inherit College Education from your Parents !!

Hey All,

I studied in a small not so famous school near my home. My father wanted me to go to a good convent. I had many friends in my school and they were following a stress free curriculum. As a kid, I got ample of time to play, learn, make friends and for extra curricular activities. I was the topper of my class. My grandpa allowed me to continue in the same school against my fathers wish. After 10th std, I shifted to a convent. They followed a strict routine and life turned out like a robot. My routine went like a machine for two years. It was the same school to which my father went as a kid. I scored good marks but I missed that enjoyment and fun I had before.

Everybody wanted me to pursue either engineering or medicine but as per my independent decision I chose visual media. I loved the course. I had lots of fun and I secured university second rank. Today I am a part time media professional and a full time Banker. I have proved that your career need not be linked to your education. I followed my heart and I am glad I did.

Not everybody undergoes the same treatment. Many of the kids are forced to do things when it comes to education. Many parents would like the choice of educating their kids in the same school where they came out with flying colors.  They believe or rather have blind faith in the ability of the school they studied to deliver a high quality education.

Parents wish to see their sons and daughters become doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers.  No body understands that too much parental  involvement can hinder a child’s education. Children are not allowed to break the stereotypes and pursue their passion. As a parent, you should always consider the aspirations of the kid – their hopes, dreams, aims and imaginations. A more friendly approach needs to be followed.


All parents wish their child to shine the brightest in the world. For a variety of reasons, a parent may wish to enrol their child according to their wishes. It is high time to understand that it is their life and not yours. Here are 5 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn’t Inherit College Education from their Parents !!

  1. Leads to Stress at times : College and School period which should be exciting can become stressful at times for kids. These days Curriculum is changing. Technology has advanced and infrastructure is also modern. More than just theory from books, practicals, extra curricular activities like yoga, speech, singing, dancing, karate, sports,spoken English, computer classes etc play a major role as well. Kids are given lot of assignments and home works. In this time is important that we should not limit our children imagination and aspirations with our limited 80’s-90’s experience in the world of 2016.
  2. Parents Tend to Compare – Not all kids are the same. It’s time to stop comparing them with others and  think hard about what your child needs and what you’ve done for them already. Spend time with them, help them and talk to them. Every kid is unique. Self worth is not found in any scorecard. He/she should always strive to do his/her best.  Motivate to win through effort and determination.
  3. Everything is Changing : Today opportunity scenarios are changing, requirement of corporates are changing and that of the society as well. There are foreign and cross border opportunities as well due to globalization.
  4. Be Indepent & Have No Regrets : You have every right to evaluate your life. Your present decision will impact your future so when you anyways have to think then why not  thinkBIG
  5. College which was good in past times need not be at the top now. Old colleges which already have reputation are no longer upgraded. Let children choose their favourite college. There are lot of new colleges being opened day by day.


It is time when you should #thinkBIG and guide your children too. Here is why we want that look at opportunities like that are provided in universities like LPU which they have showcased through this unique video as well.