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Aroma Magic Blossom Kochhar Peppermint Exfol Gel

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all liked the review of Aroma Magic Cucumber Sunscreen lotion. I love their new range of products coz they are perfect for the summers.They have some great summer essentials to beat the heat.

Today I am reviewing the Aroma Magic Blossom Kochhar Peppermint Exfol Gel from the same range.

Want to know my thoughts about this product ??

Product Claim:

I am 100% free of harsh chemicals,alchohol,parabens,phthalates,sulphates,artifical fragrance & colouring. As an exfoliating gel enriched with active enzymes, I deep clean & lighten your skin  leaving it blemish free and refreshed, without irritating or scratching the delicate and sensitive skin on your face and neck.My unique combination of natural ingredients of cornflower,lemon balm,orange extracts gently dissolves the dry flakes & impurities blocking the pores of the skin.
My aromatherapy blend of lavender and peppermint essential oils provides a protective shield, hydrates your skin and helps to awaken your senses.
Price: Rs 140 for 100 ml
Shelf life: 36 Months

Directions for UseApply scrub on your face, neck and body.Massage gently with dry fingers and rinse off.For best results, leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing.Pat your skin dry with a soft towel and continue with the rest of your skin care routine.Use twice a week.


Aqua,Centaurea Cyanus Extract,Vegetable Glycerin,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Gel,Peppermint essential oil,Lavendula Angustifolla Oil,Orange Acid,Mellissa Officinalis Extract,Food Grade Colour.

Caution: Do not rub on dry and delicate skin too hard, and avoid getting the scrub on the area around your eyes.

My Take on the Product:

The product comes in a white squeeze tube with a twist to open cap.The packaging has some floral designs and the lettering is black and green.The packaging is not so cute ( I mean the white part. The floral designs do look cute) but travel friendly and convinient.

The product comes in a clear gel like form and it has a baby pink tint to it.The consistency is like thick gel and somewhat like Aloevera gel.

Since Peppermint is the prominent ingredient, you need to do a test to see you dont get any allergy.I got acne for the first time and as soon as my skin got familiar to it, the acne disappeared.
The instructions tell that you need to apply this and leave it for 10 minutes after which you have to massage and rinse off.I did this the other way.I applied the gel and left it for 3-4 minutes and gave a massage and left it again for 5 minutes.The product settles into the skin and becomes dry and gives a sticky feel after ten minutes.After that I washed it off with luke warm water.
 It gives a cooling sensation on application.It didn’t give any tingling feel and nor did it burn.
It has very minute particles and doesn’t have the scrub particles like a regular exfoliant. The particles in this product are tiny and didn’t exfoliate at all.
The gel is mild and gentle that it is not effective in removing whiteheads and black heads.It didn’t remove dead cells too.
It is more of a brightening massage pack or a face pack for summer. The smell is pleasant like fresh peppermint.

It rejuvenates skin and deep cleanses the pores and gives a lift to the dull skin.My skin did feel soft, clear and bright after use.

 It has natural Ingredients. It is not at all drying on the skin.It kept my skin hydrated.

  • Suits all skin types
  • Perfect for summer
  • Hydrating and soothing
  • Relieves stress as it is an aromatherapy product
  • Cooling sensation
  • Gel consistency
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Mild and Gentle
  • Economic
  • Spreads easily
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Free from parabens
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Not effective in removing heads & dead cells
  • Exfoliants are tiny and doesn’t act well
  • Availability is an issue as I have not seen it in any online store
  • Takes time to settle & rinse off
  • More of a face pack than scrub with temporary results
Recommendation: I will not recommend this if you are looking for a good scrub.If you are looking for a gel based face pack for summers and wants results instantly if you are lazy to apply and keep it for a long time, I suggest you to use this.It helps in changing your skin from dull looking to bright looking.
Final Word:

This is a good alternative to the Multani Mitti clay packs in summer coz this is more easy to store, apply and wash off and the results are the same.I find this less messy.

If you got out in scorching hot sun and come back and apply this, it refreshes you with its cooling sensation and helps to even out the skin tone and prevents tanning.
More of a look good feel good product rather than saying it works effectively.
I love it as a gel based face pack.
Disclaimer: PR sample.Honest Review