Asus LolliFlash (AFLU001) Review !!
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Asus LolliFlash (AFLU001) Review !!

Hello All,

I have been fortunate to collaborate with ASUS India all these months. I have become a fan of this brand seeing their product improvements.

I purchased the Asus Lolliflash from Flipkart to use it with my zenfones. It is one of the best mobile accessories in Indian Market.


Asus Lolliflash is a cute device that makes selfie better at low-light conditions. It is portable and fits so easily in any 3.5mm jack. The device promises to deliver better camera phone shots with its 3 levels of brightness.

The device is self powered. You can charge this thing over a micro USB port and plug it to your smartphone.


You can use it like any external LED flashlight. This LolliFlash comes in 5 different colors: White, Red, Blue, Yellow And Black. The colors are really quirky.You get some multi color filters as well. These color diffusers alter the quality of light.

As an additional light source, lolliflash makes a difference in the skin tone. You get to view your shots before it is taken. It is possible for you to even manage the harsh shadows.


When you compare this little device with the inbuilt flash, lolliflash seems to be less powerful. The build quality appears to be good and lolliflash is sturdy.

Lolliflash spreads light vide two colors namely White and Yellow. There are three phases.  1st phase is low level. 2nd phase is medium level and 3rd phase high level.

You wont receive any notification that LolliFlash has been connected to your device.


The best part about LolliFlash is the 360 degree rotation feature.

It takes about an hour or so to full charge. The capacity of the LolliFlash is 65 mAh. Its battery life lasts near 3 hours in low level and 20 minutes in high level.

The power button located on the left side of the LolliFlash can be used to switch it on/off or to change phase.

It is definitely a must have fun and handy accessory. It is priced at Rs 899 and you can buy it online on Flipkart or Amazon. Asus Lolliflash is worth the money.


ASUS LolliFlash Specifications :

  • Model
  • Connector
    3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Dimensions
    31.5 x 11 mm (LxW)
  • Weight
  • Color
    White, red, blue, black, yellow
  • Power
    Input: DC 5.0 V , 0.12A
  • Capacities
    65 mAh
  • Charging Time
    100 mins
  • Note
    Charging port: Micro USB
    Battery Life: 3 hours(Low flash mode),20 mins(High flash mode)
    Luminance: 13 lux
    Coverage angle: 95 degree
    Operation Temperature: 0~35 degree C
    Color temperature: 2700K ± 500K, 5000K ± 500K
    battery type: Lithium battery
    Fully charge your lolliflash before using it for the first time.