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Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Pack!!

PR Sample

Hi All,
Anything with the word blemish free or for oily skin  instantly catches my eye.
I got to try the Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Pack. It was lying in my testing table brand new until one fine day when I woke up with a heavy acne attack.
I gave this a shot from that day and I am liking it. Read the review of Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Pack via this post.

Product Claim:

Keep skin blemish free by quickly reducing breakouts with this maximum strength formula. The mask unclogs pores to unblock trapped dirt & oil. Skin is left free of acne & pimples while willow bark purifies pores to prevent further breakouts.

Just cleanse face thoroughly, apply the mask and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Gently wash with water, and experience flawless, smooth skin for that radiant look.
Price: Rs 200 for 50g
My Take on the product:

The product comes in a white tub with a screw lid. The tub is not so bulky. The tub is not so travel friendly and not hygienic but you can use a spatula.
The product is light green in colour and reminds me of herbs.
The product was runny at the top and had a oil like layer whereas there was a thick paste beneath. The pack is very thick.
I felt its a bit difficult to apply. It doesn’t spread evenly and applies as a thin layer.Its a pain to apply it in a thick even layer. Just try to set the pack with rose water or mist.
To my surprise the product has a citrus fragrance and not herbal or neemy. I love the smell as it is not pungent, heavy or bothersome
The pack got washed off easily. It doesn’t give that tight feeling unlike clay packs.
My face became clear, bright, smooth and free from oil and dirt. It removes excess oil effectively.
I have no major pigmentation issues. I had some leftover acne marks and I find that they have lightened.
It doesn’t dry out skin like other masks out there which is a huge plus. It doesn’t itch my skin too. My breakouts have reduced.
I use this three times a week and leave it on for 20 minutes on cleansed skin.I find that it works for my combination sensitive acne prone skin.
It feels light on skin and doesn’t clog pores at all. It absorbs excess oil and cleanses skin.
I cant comment how it reacts for stubborn pigmentation issues.

  • Affordable
  • Chemical & paraben free with natural ingredients
  • Easy to Wash or remove
  • Removes excess oil,dirt
  • Leaves a bright clear skin
  • Lightens acne marks
  • Reduces breakouts on regular use.
  • Citrus fragrance

  • Tub Packaging
  • Not travel friendly
  • Difficult to apply
  • Doesnt spread evenly
Rating: 4.3/5
Recommendation: If you have acne prone or blemish skin , this will be your best friend. Suits all skin types. Dry skin needs a follow up with moisturizer tough the pack is non dehydrating.
Final Word: It is true to its claims  and a boon for oily acne prone skin.  A chemical free face pack that clears skin and evens out skin tone. Dont be sad if you dont see results in one use. It works slowly and you will see the improvement after 4 to 5 uses.