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Aveniro Glass Nail Files !!

Aveniro Glass Nail Files !!

Hey All,

You would have read my review on Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files from Czech in my blog. Similarly, I received glass nail file products from Aveniro, a Czech company.

Aveniro Glass Nail Files !!

They sell cute beauty accessories like makeup mirrors, glass files and sticks for manicure/pedicure. Their glass files are made of the Bohemian crystal and they are renown for their unlimited lifespan, efficiency, simple maintenance and particularly their positive effect on the nails health.

Aveniro Glass Nail Files !!

Three of the files make a colourful matched set. I have the shade yellow and turquoise. Two nail files have pointy ends.The bigger nail file measures 135mm length wise whereas the shorter is 90mm. Glass foot file is largest(165x35x6mm). All these 3 files have plastic sleeves to store them.  The shorter nail file is purse sized whereas the bigger one is full sized. The coarse side of foot file was good enough to remove calloused skin on my feet. The foot file is made of thicker glass to help withstand pressure while smoothing out skin.

Aveniro Glass Nail Files !! Aveniro Glass Nail Files !! Aveniro Glass Nail Files !! Aveniro Glass Nail Files !!

The glass files are of good qualilty, leaves nail tips smooth, and is not too delicate. We just need to care not to drop them down. These are breakable like glass. The nail files let me shape my nails without damaging them. All the glass files are made of etched glass.

One side of the foot file is rough and its other side is smooth. There is a special glass nail file decorated with purple, pink and clear crystals. Its size is 135mm. It comes in a green velvet case. I also got a glass nail stick (115mm) for manicure. I liked it the most. It is a dual ended manicure stick. It comes in a hard plastic tube with a cap for storage. One end has a flat angled tip and the other is pointed. One side is for cleaning under your nails and the other side is for pushing back your cuticles. Take care not to end up scratch ing your nails.

Aveniro Glass Nail Files !!

Its fun using these manicure and pedicure tools! I think they are of excellent quality  I recommend Aveniro for anyone who likes pretty glass files.

You can learn more about their files at http://www.aveniro.com.

The products shown in this blog post were provided free by the brand for review purposes. The content is honest and unbiased. I get to keep the products for my own use.