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Baba Elaichi Mouth Freshener!

PR Sample

Some of you will laugh at me seeing the title. Yes, it’s a review of Baba Elaichi Mouth Freshener on a “girly” blog.
Here is my story.
I am a busy bee and I travel to work every day in train early morning and reach back only at night. But I do enjoy my travel and chit chat with friends tough the journey is a bit tiring. I get only Sundays off and I will be busy blogging, checking mails, laundary and other works.
So one fine day a mail popped into my inbox and when I checked it was regarding some blogger outreach programme. It navigated me to the Facebook page of the brand where I dropped my address and contact details. I didn’t check what it is about. I am not aware of Baba Elaichi before as I am from Kerala. I have never seen this here before. For the first time, I read it as “Baba Elichai” and wondered what was it and never checked about it.

After a few weeks, when I reached home, I found that a small packet was waiting on my testing table. My mom keeps the parcels I receive on my testing table and no one opens it till I reach.
I opened it and found a red tin which read “BABA ELAICHI” and I came to know that it was a sample from the above mentioned blogger outreach programme. I was expecting it to be a cosmetic or beauty related product but my face fell as I read the word “Mouth Freshener”.
My mom asked me what’s wrong and I told that I am not interested to review a mouth freshener on my blog and people will laugh at. Then my mom replied back “What is wrong in that? When you can review some Rs 35 face wash sample, toilet seat sanitizer etc. why can’t you review this mouth freshener? After all it is your blog and you decide what you write there and not somebody else”.  She convinced me saying this is also a part of oral care and if you review this on the blog, it may help atleast one person who google the review for this product. The brand has sent it for review only because you dropped the details and it is unfair to throw the product without testing it is good or bad.
The words just echoed in my ears. Having said that my mom snatched the tin from me and tasted it. She said it smells good and it instantly freshens her mouth.
After a week and I dumped this product into my handbag and carried it to my office. In train, everyone started asking what is the fresh smell and from where is it coming. They searched my handbag and found the BABA Elaichi. They took two each and tasted. Everyone was praising this small tin and I was clueless.
I reached my office one hour before the regular work timings; I took all the products out of my handbag and started rearranging the items and packing one by one. The red tin came out. Our office boy has the habit of eating pan and pass-pass and he has mouth ulcers due to it. So I gave him this BABA ELAICHI and told him to try it. I kept aside a few seeds for me to test later.
I gave some seeds to the driver as well as he has smoking habit and eats non-veg items. He was delighted to try this new mouth freshener.
I reached home with an almost empty BABA Elaichi tin 🙁
My office boy came back a week later and told me that he will use only this product hereafter and will give up the habit of using pan and pass-pass as he found BABA ELAICHI too good and less harmful than those products.
After hearing the opinions of so many people, I finally decided to try this after lunch. I gulped 4-5 seeds and it tasted really bitter and I almost choked. I felt angry. I realized that I have used more than the actual amount required. This time I ate just one and it felt good.
Let’s move on to the review after a long sleepy boring story.
Product Claim:
BABA, one of the largely well-liked and foremost non-tobacco mouth freshener brands in the nation owns the Baba Elaichi, the saffron blended, premium flavoured pure silver coated cardamom seeds.
Enjoy the EXOTIC, AROMATIC & REFRESHING Elaichi, Anywhere & Anytime!!
BABA Elaichi is a perfect breath freshener made from handpicked green elaichi. Its strong natural taste keeps the feeling of freshness going all day long.
Since 1929 BABA is recognized worldwide for its quality, alluring aroma & tantalising taste. BABA Elaichi is made with a traditional secret recipe, which uses the finest ingredients. The silver leaves used for coating the cardamom seeds are produced in-house from 999 grade silver without any animal skin contact and  is untouched by human hand. Baba Elaichi is a perfect mouth freshener that eliminates bad breath.
Price:  Rs. 120.00 for 10 Gram and Rs 65 for 5g.
Shelf Life: 15 months from packaging date
Ingredients: Green Cardamom Seeds, Aromatic Spices, Silver Leaf, Saffron and Saccharin Sodium
My Take on the Product:
BABA Elaichi is one of the most popular products of BABA.
Packaging & Appearance: The product comes in a cute round red colored tin. The packaging is made of metal. It comes with a click clack packaging which means if you press it on the sides, the box gets closed and if you press it in centre, it opens! The packaging concept is new and BABA says click clack pack 1st time in India. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly and fits in the purse or bag well as it is compact sized. I felt it difficult to operate this tin for the first time. There are image representations given on the pack which makes it easy to understand. It is because of the cardamom seeds as they have a strong flavour.
The cardamom seeds are silver coated and comes with a blend of saffron. I find the aroma pleasant and overwhelming. I find the aroma is a bit strong and reminds me of Pan Pasand toffies. It smells good no doubt but a bit heavy with the pan like fragrance. There is nothing bothersome tough. A handful amount of seeds is present in the tin. The silver coating makes it appear premium and luxurious.
The product comes packed in a trendy elegant covering which keeps the aroma intact to provide it an only one of its kind in the whole country.
The whole appearance is like cardamom pearls.
It tastes out of the ordinary experience of the normal fresheners and it is delightfully chewable. The velvety cardamom coated with sweetness gives a refreshing feel and fulfils the mouth freshening experience. It melts like a magic in our mouth and gives a burst of instant freshness. It tastes very natural.
Review by Family Members & Friends: Everyone loves the sophisticated taste, enjoyable fragrance and long-lasting flavour of the BABA Elaichi. I have mentioned the incidents above and I hope you would have read it and here is a quick recap.
My mom says “It instantly refreshes and eliminates bad odour”. She loves the quick action of this product.
Our Office Boy says “This is definitely less harmful and I will stick to this hereafter. He has given up the habit of chewing tobacco leaves; Paan and pass pass with the help of this.
My colleague says “I will use this before any meeting so that I won’t have to worry about Bad breath”.
Our Driver Says “I will use this instead of toffees and candies after occasional smoking/eating non-veg and having too much coffee/tea to get rid of the tobacco/caffeine smell.”
I say, I can use this whenever I move around my house without brushing in the early morning 😀 You know I am a lazy girl on Sundays especially when its monsoons. 😀 Ha-ha
My friend says “I will bid bye to mouth sprays loaded with chemicals and use this one with natural cardamom and long lasting feeling of freshness”.
Mouth Freshening Capacity: You don’t have to use it again and again unlike other products. It freshens and eliminates bad breath and odour within seconds and instantly refreshes. The fresh feeling lasts for hours. The mouth freshening capacity of the product is appreciable.
  • Click Clack Packaging
  • Travel Friendly
  • Saffron blended and silver coated – luxurious feel
  • No animal skin contact or human touch
  • Fragrance is pleasant
  • Good Flavor
  • Eliminates bad breath and digestive problems effectively
  • Works quickly
  • All information regarding consumption, usage etc. is given clearly on package which is handy
  • No added sugar
  • Easily available
  • A bit pricey but the ingredients that goes into it are pricey as well. So one can’t blame about it.
  • Quantity is less but you just need to use one every time. The hilarious girl in me counted and found that there are more than 100 seeds and it will last long.
  • Smells a bit like pan and the flavour is strong
  • Not recommended for children as it contains Saccharin Sodium
  • Be aware of the side effects of cardamom. Google and check if any.
  • ** Contains added flavors & artificial sweeteners
Rating: 4/5
Recommendation: If you are fond of the green cardamoms then you will truly find these irresistible and inevitable. Recommended to get rid of bad breath and digestive problems.
Final Word:
If you have bad breath and have tried every sort of remedy out there, give this silver coated elaichi and mouth freshener a try. The spice is packed with antibacterial properties, has a strong flavour and a pleasant smell. Moreover it helps to improve your digestive system. It will give you quality taste and freshness. It can be used by everyone irrespective of the age.
Disclaimer: I have received a sample of the above product and I am not compensated with money for my review. All the opinions stated here are my own after using the product and 100% honest. This post is written as a part of BABA ELAICHI Blogger Outreach Programme. The images are clicked by me and copyrighted to me. Copying in full, part or the idea will be dealt with legally.
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