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Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee

Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee !!

Hello All,

I am a coffee addict and for me, it’s more than an energy booster. My day always begins with a cup of coffee irrespective of chilly mornings or sunny ones. My friends call coffee as my drug.

If you’re a fan of coffee, just like me, I will give you yet another reason to pour yourself a second cup.

For your daily coffee habit, Beanstalk & Leaves is here to add some buzz.

Beanstalk & Leaves is an amazing brand that sells filter coffee.  The taste of their filter coffee is very different. They have  three variants of filter coffee as of now:  Velvet Dew,  Shotgun and Smooth Operator.  They might add more blends in the near future. This premium blended coffee powder contain Coffee Powder & Chicory as ingredients.

Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee

Velvet Dew is a mild coffee that helps to relax and unwind. I prefer to have it while reading my favourite book or watching my favourite movie. It’s similar to my daily usual coffee.

Shot Gun is a strong blend to give you that kick. It is perfect for early mornings or afternoon cuppa when you need that push or stimulation. I like to have it when I am sleepy or exhausted.

Smooth Operator is my favourite out of the three. It is in between mild to strong and has got a taste of chocolate. I liked this blend so much.

Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee

Brewing some fresh coffee with Beanstalk & Leaves is really fun. The aroma is rich and awesome. The Beanstalk & Leaves coffee powder comes in a resealable packet. The packaging is convenient to use. You can keep these packets refrigerated too. You don’t even need to change it in any container. Thumbs-up to Beanstalk & Leaves. Beanstalk & Leaves provide a luxurious experience and is affordable at the same time.

About Beanstalk & Leaves:

Vivek Ramnani – (Co-founder):
A true blue coffee lover , a poet and a love for photography have always helped me push forward to realise my dreams. The urge for perfection and disruption have always been a strong suit helping me understand various issues and problems from a different perspective, be it logistics, inventory and various other operations. Oh, and by the way, I would also like to mention that I am a Mechanical Engineer.

Ashish Gyan. Co – Conspirator (Co-founder): 
Armed with a Masters in Medical Genetics, what drives me is to have fun with challenging situations. For me, the overriding factor is to not be too focused on finding a solution but to share collective experiences and sure enough, the solution comes up along the way. Running, Cycling, Eating a lot of seafood are some of my other Vices.

Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee


Wakes you up with a bang only to make you the most efficient sentinel being who has achieved hundred percent efficiency.Basically what we are saying is that you get stuff done.

Price and Quantity – INR 335 for 250g

Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee


This blend is engineered to bring out the best in you and makes the world a better place to live in. Helps in putting your angry neighbours, girlfriends and your ex-girlfriend in a good mood

Price and Quantity – INR 355 for 250g

Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee


A blend that instantly translates you into a smooth smokin killer type fellow which in turn makes you feel invincibly smooth

Price and Quantity – INR 295 for 250g

Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee

  • Premium Blended Coffee Powder
  • Pure Coffee Powder
  • Use Hot Water and NOT Boiling Water
  • Not Instant Coffee
  • Brewing Time 3-4 minutes

** Press Samples