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BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers Review!

Hey All,

I was sent an entire range of Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers by a new Indian brand called BloomsBerry. I must confess that, I always carry hand sanitizers in my bag. Especially when I am using public transport, washrooms and touching pets. With so many germs around, infection is transmitted easily and only good hygiene habits really will go a long way to keep germs and illness away. Hand Sanitizer is a must have, in order to keep most of those germs away. I never forget to use my handy bottle of sanitizer.

I usually use nail polish remover pads and pens for easy and mess free nail lacquer removal. Instead, I find myself sitting on my cozy couch now a days scrubbing away the lacquer with cotton roll dipped in BloomsBerry Nail Polish Removers for a good 2-3 minutes.

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

I have been using these BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers and Nail Polish Removers for a month now and I absolutely love them.

About the Brand: 

Bloomsberry is a Skin Care Brand, with its foundations on healthy lifestyle with products that are practical and classy to use. Currently Bloomsberry focus primarily on consumer need specific based products in hand care which includes exclusive range of Hand Sanitizers in different fragrances which not only help in killing about 99% germs but also provide lasting freshness, fragrance and moisturization to hands. Our other product include variety of Nail Polish Removers which are need specific as per the problem of nails ranging from yellow to brittle to dry nails. Each product uses comprehensive research and methods in its making and adheres to the highest standards quality. In Bloomsberry products there is a perfect fusion between modern technology, practicality and cost effectiveness to create a whole new experience which is stylish, healthy and beautiful.

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

About Bloomsberry Hand Sanitizers:

Health and hygiene matters. BB hand sanitizers are tough on germs and kills them 9x better than the others. Every single drop gives a baby care to your hands and gloves them with a layer of moisturizer. BB sanitizers are filled with bursting beads that contains vitamin A, E and C. A wide range for everyone with a unique mesmerizing fragrance. So, develop a healthy hygiene with BloomsBerry. BloomsBerry Brand is emerging one of the best hand sanitizer in India.

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

GREEN APPLE MOJITO: A cocktail deliciously scented with the extract of farm fresh and juicy green apple peal.

FRESH BLOOMSSay Hello to spring with this mesmerizing powdery fragrance containing fragrance of fresh daisies and additional nourishing Vitamin E that leaves hands feeling soft, smooth and lightly scented.

AQUA BLISS: Divine ecstasy of delight, lightly scented with a blend of water kissed with green blossoms and designed for unisexual.

BLOSSOM BOUQUET: An alluring blend of seductive blossoms with a tempting fragrance.

PURPLE PARADISE: A dreamy ornamental blend, elegantly scented with extract of Orchid flowers.This miniature must-have contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers that keep hands fresh and clean on-the-go with fun fragrance!

SPRING FIZZ: A dreamy ornamental blend, elegantly scented with extract of freesia flowers.

About Bloomsberry Nail Polish  Removers:

Bloomsberry introduces exclusive range of nail care products with its unique features and quality catering to individual nail requirements and problems.

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

NOURISHING NAILS: An ocean fragrant nail polish remover which nourishes your dry nails and cuticles. This formulation is especially suitable for people who have problem of dry nails and cuticles as it pampers them by providing moisture through glycerin and other emollients that nourish nails with fresh fragrance.

STRENGTHENING NAILSA green apple scented nail polish remover which helps in dealing with the problem of brittle nails and helps to strengthen weak nails without drying cuticles

ACETONE FREE: Lemon fragrant nail polish remover which is acetone free best suited of natural, acrylic/ artificial nail and nail art.

NAIL REVIVAL: Regular use of nail polish and cosmetic products tend to make nails yellow which appear very unattractive. Presenting a unique nail revival formulation enriched with citric acid which helps to restore the natural colour of nails

My Take on the Products:

There are 6 variants of hand Sanitizers.  I love all of them especially Aqua Bliss. The fragrances are a mix of floral, fresh, fruity & fun. The scent is mild and pleasant. The Hand Sanitizer bottles are tiny and cute. he bottles are travel friendly too. The formula is safe and at the same time effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It doesn’t dry or irritate my delicate skin and won’t sting small cuts or scrapes like alchohol based ones, spreads easily and can even be used as an antiseptic. With its non toxic ingredients, it is useful for the kids too.

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

It fits in my hand bags or clutches well and is usable with one hand because it has a click lock. It won’t accidentally discharge in your bag and won’t end you up in trouble if you drop and just make sure the lid is shut well. I love the way it leaves me with soft, clean and sweet smelling hands. There are tiny colorful beads to this sanitizer.  These are definitely on the expensive side when you compare to other branded sanitizers for the quantity, but definitely the formula and quality makes a difference as you use it.

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

I always have to put hand sanitizer on my hands more than 10 times a day because I hate it when my hands are damn dirty. If you are obsessed to hand sanitizers like me, you must check Bloomsberry Hand Santizers. 

Coming to the Bloomsberry Nail Polish Removers, these are also packed in square white plastic bottle with grey cap and bright coloured labels. The bottles are risk free of accidental breakages since it is made of plastic. The bottles are compactly sized and looks cute. I am happy that there is a different variant for every type of nail. These removers are non drying and doesn’t sting as well. The bottles are travel friendly.

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

Bloomsberry Nail Polish Remover works speedy and takes only a couple of minutes. It is perfect for quick manicure switch outs! It is nourishing and gentle on my nails. The formula is nice and swiftly cleans all the left over polish leaving a good aroma. The formulation is non-drying and they also have a acetone free version. These Nail Polish Removers are also enriched with hydrating ingredients to condition and care for nails.

You can even get rid off the glitter-polishes by soaking a cotton ball in the Nail Polish remover and keeping it for a longer time on your nail using a foil.  Non-acetone nail polish remover is perfect for acrylics and other types of artificial nails, and can also be used on natural nails.

I hope in future, Bloomsberry will come out with nail polish remover pads and dip sponge tubs as well because they are so popular these days. I am quite impressed with BloomsBerry products and will definitely recommend these to my readers and friends. Bloomsberry products are delicious and I am hooked.

If you stand in the middle of an event, office or fun outing with chipped nails and stare blankly at all available options for lacquer removal, You’re not alone. I am with you. Check out Bloomsberry Nail Polish Removers.


BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish RemoversBloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers & Nail Polish Removers

Price & Availability: 

BloomsBerry Hand Sanitizers (29 ml) & Nail Polish Removers (50ml) are available at Flipkart.com &Amazon.in for Rs 149 each. Check out the details at www.bloomsberry.in

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