Cerenity toilet seat sanitizer review !!
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Cerenity toilet seat sanitizer review !!


Today post is about hygiene and one such product related to it.
How many times do we find a public toilet  that isn’t clean and feel repulsive to use it.It happens almost everyday.Isn’t it?
 This product comes to rescue you in such situations.You just have to simply lightly spray the toilet seat, then dry with toilet tissue, leaving just a fresh citrus fragrance and the peace of mind of knowing your environment is now as clean as it is at home. 
This sanitizing cleaner dries quickly while killing 99.9% of germs, without leaving any harmful chemicals or residues. 
About Cerenity:

Toilet Seats, especially those in public toilets, are shared by many & not cleaned after every usage. They harbor germs that could lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Staph and Herpes.

Cerenity toilet seat sanitizer removes germs within seconds, making the toilet seat safe and fit to use. For more details, please read the FAQs here. You can also write to us via the Reach us section on this website.


How to use Cerenity:

  • Shake the can.
  • Spray Cerenity evenly on the toilet from a distance of 25 cms.
  • Wait for 5 seconds as Cerenity disinfects the surface & dries on its own.
  • Now use the germ-free toilet seat with surety. Wiping and wringing are not require

Product Claim:

Purity is surety.

Cerenity brings surety to one of life’s critical issues-Health and Hygiene.

“Toilet Seats, especially those in public toilets, are not cleaned regularly. They harbour germs that could lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Staph and Herpes. Cerenity toilet seat sanitizer removes germs within seconds, making the toilet seat safe and fit to use.”

Where to buy:


Price: Rs.150/- for 75ml

My Take on the product:

I got this little can few days back in cerenity citrus flavour. It’s totally love at first sight. I am so concerned about hygiene these days coz my skin and my body is so sensitive and I am allergy prone.I catch allergies so easily.

I travel every day to work and I am in a compulsion to use shared toilets most of the times. During weekends I visit malls or restaurants and I have to use public toilets. I don’t like to use the shared and public toilets and many times I skip it even at times of emergency.

I got a severe stomach ache one day because of this reason.I feel repulsive when I see the dirty messy smelly washrooms.Then came cerenity to my rescue.

I had tried a few sprays before but was not satisfied with the results.

Cerenity Citrus comes in an orange spray type can and the packaging looks cool. It is properly sized as it fits into the handbag and is so light weighted to carry.

A brand new product has a protective cap sealed inside and you need to remove it to start using.

I tried using this product when I had to use a shared toilet at work. I sprayed it as per the instructions on the can and after a few seconds the product immediately dried up and left no residue. It spread a nice citrus fragrance around.

I really can’t say if it kills germs coz I am not 100% sure about it but I do get that feel. It instantly disinfected the toilet seat. I somehow felt it is safe to use and in turn I also felt safe.

I am satisfied with the results cerenity gave. If you hate a particular fragrance then you need not worry coz they have 3 variants which is good.


  • Long lasting – lasts more than 75 sprays.
  • Light weight to carry
  • Spray time packaging
  • Easy & safe to use
  • Nice fragrance
  • Transparent
  • Dries quickly
  • Leaves no residue or sticky feeling
  • Disinfects and kills germs
  • Not so expensive
  • Easy availability and variants 



Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: I highly recommend this product if you are worried about hygiene and getting infections, UTI etc.

Final Word: This is a must have in your handbag if you are using shared or public washrooms. If you have kids, then you must definitely use this coz kids are prone to infections easily compared to adults.If you are concerned about personal hygiene, particularly when you have young children to care about, this is the ideal product to keep tucked in your handbag.

Ladies you must buy this product as it is effective. Just buy a Cerenity spray and Keep calm without worrying about the bacteria. Rest, Cerenity will take care.

** Sample provided by the brand for review purpose. Honest Review.

Do you carry one in your handbag?