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Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil !!

Hi all,

I used to hate hair oils. Oiling my hair is something that I am not fond of. I usually escape from those sessions by giving lame excuses. The reason is that I hate the pichuk pichuk sticky messy feel and how the oil runs to my face.

Later, I realized the importance of oiling. I used Dabur Vatika in my childhood days and my hair was very thick. Due to styling, the problem of hair fall and hair breakage started and since then the hair problems are continuing. I oil my hair by slightly heating it, massaging it and leaving it overnight. It works that way for me.

I recently entered a giveaway by Shalini of bbeautilicious and won the Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Oil bottles as prize.Shalini’s blog is one of my favourites.I have used this hair oil before winning the giveaway. My mom had bought it from a super market. I am going to share my experience and testimonial after using this hair oil.

Thanks to Shalini and Dabur.

Product Claim: 
“The effectiveness of  Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil lies in its miraculous ingredients. We’ve put together the wholesome nourishment of olive oil with the goodness of almond protein and aloe vera, thoughtfully chosen after taking into consideration the problems that have long bothered millions of women. From big hair problems like hair fall, flaky scalp, brittle hair to minor hair woes such as dry hair, frizzy hair or split ends, Vatika olive hair oil has the potential to answer them all.”

Price: INR 60/- for 100 ml bottle and INR 110/- for 200 ml bottle.

Ingredients: as below

Shelf Life: 2 years


My Take on the Product:

The product comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip cum turn open cap.The top cap is flip type but you can screw open it to find the wide mouth. The cap is green coloured and it shuts very tightly. It is travel friendly but there are chances of leakage. Just tape the end and you can carry it when you travel.
The oil is pale light green in tint and it has a very nice smell but some people can feel the smell a bit heavy.
The smell is eucalyptus sort of but less perfumey than other Dabur oils. The smell is pleasant but not of virgin olive oil may be because of a mix of ingredients.
The oil is light weight and it gets absorbed quickly. It soaks in really well and It is non sticky and non-greasy. There is no “dripping feel” and the process of oiling is less messy with this one.
It is very decently priced and you get a good quantity that lasts for months.
The oil penetrates my hair easily and gives it the required nourishment.
A small amount is required per use. Take the oil in a spoon (I heat it for a second) and then apply it to your hair and scalp and massage it really well. Keep it for sometime and wash it off with a good shampoo and conditioner.
My strands were drier and after using this oil it felt hydrated. It was less frizzy, soft, shiny and more manageable. It was bouncy too. My hair felt healthier.
This oil comes off quickly when you rinse which is time saving. It leaves no residue. Usually while oiling 10-15 strands of my hair come off and this time I just noticed 2-3. Yay !!
I love this hair oil
  • Affordable
  • Good quantity
  • Long lasting
  • Light weighted
  • Penetrates easily
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Pleasant smell
  • Convenient packaging
  • Hydrates and nourishes
  • It works


  • The smell can be overpowering for sensitive noses
  • There are chances of leakage during travel

Dont mind my bare face.I am sick since three weeks 🙁

Rating: 4/5

Recommendation: I recommend this if you are thinking of finding a solution for your hair problems. It suits all hair types. As a hair oil, it performs well than what I expected.

Final Word: A budget friendly hair oil which is true to its claims. Decent enough to take care of your hair.

Check out this website by Dabur Vatika  – www.olivehaircare.com

You can connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/daburvatika

Visit www.mybeautynaturally.com

Disclaimer – You can consider this as a PR Sample coz it was sent by the PR of the brand for winning a contest. My views are 100% honest.