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Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range Review !!

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range Review !!

Hey All,

I was sent the products from Deep Heat Range to try sometime back. I have used Deep Heat Muscle Rescue to help with my muscle pain. Having found it quick and effective, I thought of sharing the review of this range with you. I get stress in my shoulders as a result of sitting at my desk and travelling for long periods.  I’m sure many of you do as well and for those of you here is my take on Deep Heat Muscle Rescue.

Product Claims:

From the makers of Deep Heat – the No. 1 selling heat therapy brand – Deep Heat Muscle Rescue is drug-free and designed to help you ease everyday muscular tension in the neck and shoulder area. Deep Heat Muscle Rescue provides soothing, warming relief when you need it most to help you get on with your day.

Availability: Available to buy from Boots, Amazon and UK supermarkets & UK pharmacies. For more information visit www.musclerescue.co.uk

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range Review !!


Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak  £5.49 for a 200ml
Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck and Shoulder Cream £5.99 (50g)
Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck & Shoulder Patch £3.99 for a set of two patches.

My Take on Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range:

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue smells of Vanilla, Orange and Rosemary. My aching body was in urgent need of a little care over the weekend. The Deep Heat Muscle Rescue range is made of  electrolyte minerals and essential oils. The aroma was good.

The packaging looks clinical. The packaging with a hint of pink looks slightly girly too. The Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak has the worst packaging ever. The bottle sent to me completely leaked and there was a little product left. It is not at all travel friendly. The bottle comes with a tic tac cap where there is an opening to dispense the product. Neck and Shoulder cream comes in a tube form with a sponge applicator that you can unscrew and squeeze the cream onto, then rub on the neck or shoulders. The patches are easy to use. Just stick and enjoy the warmth.

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range Review !!

I had a long, hot bath using Muscle Rescue Bath Soak which eased my muscular tension. I have to admit that jumping into a nice warm bath soak at the end of a long hard day was truly a delight.
With patchouli, this soak helps hydrate the body and prevent cramp. It happens to offer a great amount of bubbles.

I applied the Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Cream on my lower back first and within minutes I was on fire. It was not just warmth. You need to apply the cream lightly by just rubbing in the right amount. The sponge makes application mess free. The cream delivered just as big a dose of heat to my aching back. The heat only lasts a minute or two. After the warmth had cooled off, the effect of the cream had worked. The tension felt in my back had eased. I didnt reapply again. This neck and shoulder cream delivered whatever heat relief I needed. The cream and patches are great to pop into your handbag to help you relax on the go. Also suitable for use on most areas of the body.

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Shoulder Patches provides up to 8 hours of long lasting warming relief to ease everyday muscular tension in the neck and shoulders. It’s cleverly designed to comfortably fit the neck and shoulder area. The patch is also odorless so no-one would know that you are wearing it, and it is easy to apply as a self-adhesive patch directly to the skin delivering soothing relief. I tried the Deep Heat Muscle rescue neck & should patch on during my period cramps & it helped dramatically.

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range Review !!

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Range Review !!

These are great products for fitness enthusiasts too. These new products have been made to help relieve the stresses daily life puts onto your muscles. It also provides relief through the cold winter days and  the beautiful aroma helps to relax our body and mind.The ingredients are naturally active and  It provides a warming sensation. I’ve really enjoyed using these products and they really do work.

Please note that these are OTC (over-the-counter) medications formulated for muscular tension inflicted from daily routines. If you have serious or longterm muscle and back pain, please consult a doctor.

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