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Demeter Fragrance Library Vetiver Review !

PR Sample

Hey sweeties,
Do you like Vetiver perfumes or oils. I have tried only the oil but I got to try a Vetiver perfume which is from the Demeter fragrance library. Would be trying one? Have you tried any Demeter perfume? Vetiver can heal the body, awaken the mind and pleasure the spirit.  It is a persistent fragrance.
Lets see the review of Demeter Naturals Vetiver Eau De Toilette.
Fresh and rejuvenating. Exotic and personal, Vetiver is a clean, yet earthy and spicy. A deeply satisfying scent. 100% Natural.

Product Claim:

Vetiver by Demeter Fragrance Library is a warm, strong root aroma dark and ripe. Vetiver has a rich history. In India it has been used to make blinds necessary to keep out the intense heat. When the blinds are sprinkled with water they emit the vetiver scent. In Java the root has been used for centuries in weaving mats and thatching huts. The vetiver root is used in folk magic for its purported ability to provide safety and increase financial resources. A ritual designed to promote personal safety calls for inhaling vetiver while visualizing one’s body as being sealed off from negative energies.
An incredibly clean and crisp vetiver, delicately balanced with other precious woods, rounded with cardamon, clove, sage and nutmeg, after a brilliant opening of Brazilian orange. This is like sunshine; we smile every time we experience it. Deep and complex, i choose to wear vetiver neat, massaging a small droplet over heart center. I love the way this fragrance evolves. As it warms up to body temperature. The effect is indescribable, almost hypnotic. It is a reminder to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy your life.
Price: $29 for 50 ml
Availability: Flipkart

IngredientsAs mentioned in the image below

Directions for Use:  Shake well and spray by holding it in a suitable distance.
My Take:

The product contains 50 ml and comes in a little square shaped glass bottle with a golden cap. Inside you will find a spray dispenser. Chrysopogon zizanioides, vetiver is a perennial grass of the Poaceae family, native to India.
The scent is fresh and rejuvenating. It is exotic and personal. Vetiver is a clean spicy fragrance which is satisfying in nature.This fragrance has a tangy citrus top note  and the base note is woody, earthy and spicy. The mid notes are green.
As soon as I sprayed this, I didn’t like the ill unpleasant smell. It was strong. The smell faded in seconds and it ended up very subtle. I like the finishing smell that remains.If you ask me to describe Demeter Vetiver i will call it warm spicy green smell. It works well for a candle, room spray, wardrobe and garden. It is more of an intoxicating scent.
The strong smell fades in a minute and the light clean spritz remains. The downside is that the scent is not long lasting. It doesn’t last for more than an hour. Heavy scent gives me headache and makes me sick. I like the fact that a very mild smell longs with me when I use this one. The ending note doesn’t give  me headache.
The chemistry of the ingredients is amazing. The vetiver here has a smoky nature. I could hardly guess the exact composition. It is an intriguing scent that can be used anytime. It has slight sweet touch to it and it is perfect for spring and summer. The finishing note is calming and relaxing too.
I love this scent but yet it has something odd and missing.  It is unique and worth the price tag but this is not one of those products that is eligible for high praise more than the price.Those who prefer green herbal woody smell will love it. Just as per the claim, it gives such a positive energy and makes me smile when I use it early morning. It is the end note that makes my day bright and cheerful.
  • Not overpowering
  • Woody green smell
  • Earthy Spicy Herbal
  • Has a tangy sweet top note
  • Amazing blend
  • Chemistry is marveling
  • Goes strong but settles subtle and light
  • Clean fresh intoxicating
  • Intriguing 
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Makes you cheerful
  • Gives positive feel
  • Natural
  • Unique
  • Multi purpose
  • Can use it anytime
  • Perfect for spring/summer

  • The smell is gone as soon as the spritz dissipates in the air. 
  • Expensive
  • Too weak and doesn’t hold for long.
  • Doesn’t draw any compliments or high praise though people may ask what you are wearing. It keeps me smelling good too.

Overall Thoughts:

I recommend it to anyone who likes green fragrances with a warm herbal scent. I will not recommend this for people who are not so fond of green smells.  I feel the scent is not pure Vetiver alone but its blend with other notes.

Demeter Fragrances has a range of scents like Pink Lemonade, Lavender Martini etc and many of them are beautiful and long lasting fragrances. If you’d like to give it a try you can head to their website to find out more.
What is your favourite Demeter scent?