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Denman’s Tangle Tamer Brush Review !!

I hate my tangle prone hair coz every time I comb it pulls my hair and I have to fight with it.I have hair breakage as a result. None of the combs have suited my hair as they are so damaging. 
Recently, Renu from Mybeautyjunction Blog suggested me to try the Tangle Tamer Brush. I live in some interior place rather village where no one wears makeup and give a weird look whenever I pass by. ROFL
I couldn’t find it in any shops here.I searched for it online and it was OOS everywhere. Without losing hope, I used to check every week and once I found that it was available in Naaptol and Flipkart. I ordered one for my friend from Naaptol and one for me from Flipkart.
I got a brush that was imported in 2011 and full of scratches on its body but the bristles were fine and unused. But who likes to have a scratchy product for 795 Rs. I mailed them and they said I have to ship it back to them and they can’t refund until they receive it.
They couldn’t arrange a pick up too as my area is unserviceable. I hate it and happens with other sites too.So long story short, My BF gave nice scolding’s and asked me to keep this scratched brush itself. **Tears **
Let’s move on to the brush after a sad story.

Price: Rs 795

What the company has to say

“The super-soft nylon bristles gently glide through the hair, removing tats and tangles. An air-cushioned pad follows the contour of the head for smooth damage-free grooming. With a bright pink handle, this Denman hairbrush will be every little girl’s favourite accessory!”


My Take on the Product:

The Product comes with a label and brush tied inside it with tail pointing outwards.
The brush is hot neon pink and has “Tangle Tamer” written on its back in a retro chic font. It looks girly type and attractive. The brush has a long handle which gives a grip to hold the brush. If you have butterfingers then this traditional type of design is apt for you so that the brush doesn’t roll on to the floor.

It has 4 rows of alternating long and short nylon bristles which are flexible attached to an air cushioned base. The bristles and the base is black in shade. The bristles are long.

It glides through the hair without any pulling and tugging and obviously It doesn’t hurt.
It works well on dry and wet hair. It is gentle on hair and my hair breakage has reduced.I see only 2-3 strands when my hair has so many knots.
It is so comfortable to use plus you need to put minimum efforts.

The company advertises this brush as a brush for children but hell break the rules.It is now a brush for the BIG Girls like us.

Overall, I found this brush to be effective.
Denman, you are a winner always!!
Happy Hair Brushing,

Item Reviewed: Description: Rating: 5

I am having bad hair days these months coz my hair has become tough to handle. It’s dry, frizzy and unruly.It breaks often.I thought of caring my hair a bit more to improve its condition.I invested in a good shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. I was drooling over the Tangle Teezer. My friend Renu of Mybeautyjunction suggested me to use the Denman Tangle Tamer instead of the Teezer.Availability of these brushes in India is a problem as you dont find it everywhere.You will get in shops that sell imported stuffs and some big malls.I searched for this online and found its sold out everywhere.
I didn’t lose hope.I came back after a month and found that it is available in Flipkart and Naaptol.I ordered two pieces from both the sites as my friend also wanted one. I took the Flipkart one (WS Retail) and was shocked to see that it was imported in 2011 and the brush had major scratches.Since I am going for a full time job and have to travel daily I cant send it back.They refused to send a pickup or replace it.
Finally I got scolding from my BF for my shopping mania and I had to keep this old brush.My friend got a good one.The bristles are fine but the body is full of scratches.I wont recommend you to buy this from flipkart.
Read my views on the Tangle Tamer.


“The super-soft nylon bristles gently glide through the hair, removing tats and tangles. An air-cushioned pad follows the contour of the head for smooth damage-free grooming. With a bright pink handle, this Denman hairbrush will be every little girl’s favourite accessory!”

PRICE: Rs 795/-

The Denman’s Tangle Tamer Brush comes in a bright neon pink shade and It has a long handle to it.The bristles are long and fine too.I love the retro font in which “Tangle Tamer” is written at the back coz it looks chic.
The bristles are made of nylon and is flexible.Its so comfortable to use it.The design is such that there is an alternate row of long and short bristles.The bristles are set into a air cushioned base.
It easily glides through my hair without any pulling and tugging.They doesn’t hurt at all.
Only minimum efforts are required and it passes my hair like a feather.I sometimes wonder if its brushing my hair.It feels so light and there is no static charge that you might feel there is no brush going through your hair.
The handle gives grip to hold it and makes it effective to use.This brush also has different shades available.
This is a detangling brush that doubles up as a styling brush too.It works on dry as well as wet hair.
Its easy to clean this brush compared to the normal brushes.
It helps to remove knots without any pain.
I have dry frizz prone unruly hair and only this brush is able to tame it.It makes my hair more manageable. It gives a healthier hair over use.
There is a reduction in hair breakage and I don’t see my hairs dancing through the floor after using this.The unhealthy strands tends to come out with the bristles tough.
Denman advertises this as a children brush.I am 22 and I still don’t mind using this as it works and the results are amazing.
The brush is washable.You can soak it in shampoo for a minute, run through warm water and dry it.
Overall, I prefer this brush than the normal brushes. 
Denman, you are always a winner.