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Denver Extreme Deo Review

Denver Xtreme Deo Review – Endurance and Balance !!

Hey All,

Denver is a best selling deodrant brand in India for men by Vanesa Care. Denver deodorant range includes more than 15 products. I was sent two Denver Xtreme Deos for review which I gifted to my boyfriend. My BF was super excited to know that they have a superman and batman variant too.

Denver Xtreme Deo for men is available in 3 variants namely Performance, Endurance and Balance. The USP of these deos are that they have more staying power and controls sweat.

Denver Extreme Deo Review

The products come packed in cylindrical spray cans. The deos are strong in smell. Endurance is that blue bottle and balance is orange colored. The packaging is manly and sturdy. The dispenser nozzle leads to wastage of product as more deo gets mixed with air.

Denver Xtreme Deodorant Endurance has a spicy touch. It is more of a musky scent. The scent is floral and masculine types. It has notes like citrus, green, lily and patchouli.

Denver Extreme Deo Review Denver Extreme Deo Review

Denver Xtreme Deodorant Balance has a fresh soulful aqua scent. Denver Balance has the notes of fresh bergamot, mandarin and lavender.

Denver Xtreme Endurance is a vibrant invigorating fragrance opens with fresh notes of citrus, aldehydic tone blended with green notes. The mid-notes consist of cologne blended with lily and other floral notes, and the base is enriched with musk and patchouli.

Denver Extreme Deo Review Denver Extreme Deo Review

Denver Xtreme Balance is a perfect fragrance for the real men who strive for right balance under xtreme conditions. It opens with fresh bergamot, mandarin with a hint of lavender. Its heart is enriched with geranium and galbanum and base is composed of amber, vetiver and musk.

Both the scents are refreshing. The deos easily last 5-6 hours. These deos may not suit someone who is sensitive to strong scents. The 2X sweat defence feature is helpful for summers. The deos are skin friendly and doesnt cause any irritation.

These deos are priced at Rs 199 each for 150 ml. They ate easy on the pocket.

Denver Deo Xtreme Balance and Endurance are Perfect for Your Boys. Recommended!

Denver deodorant body-spray for men has a unique fragrance mix and a long lasting deodorant protection to keep you fresh.

Extreme conditions demand Balance and Endurance. DENVER XTREME inspired by the real men, with sweat defence technology powered by T.E.C., which is upto 2 times more effective in fighting sweat odour from bacteria. Tri Ethyl Citrate has unique ability to deactivate and inhibit bacterial growth . No matter what the situation is DENVER XTREME will just not give up on you.

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