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Dr Batra’s Intense Moisturizing Cream Review !!

PR Sample

I don’t like to use moisturizers that are heavy, sticky, thick and greasy.I skip moisturizer most of the times as I have oily skin. Laziness is the main reason.I am currently using Dr.Batra’s Intense Moisturizing Cream as it is monsoons and skin tends to get dry and flaky.
Lets see the review of this product.

Product Claim :

  • Excellent moisture balance
  • Smooth feel to the skin
  • Soothing and youthful look to the skin
  • Protection against environmental pollutants
  • Ethinacea extract has natural antibacterial properties and prevents allergic reaction. Ethinacea slows down the degeneration of skin cells keeping skin strong and youthful Vitamin E has strong antioxidant property.

Ingredients: As below

Price : Rs 350 for 100g

My Take on the Product:
The product comes in a white outer carton and a white tub with screw cap inside which holds the cream. The cream comes protected with a silver foil to prevent the cream slipping into the cap.The cream has an aqua base.It feels thick when you see but if you touch it you will come to know its thin and light. It appears rich. It is slightly runny and watery when you compare to an ordinary moisturizing cream.

It appears thick in the jar but smoothes on gently and is soon absorbed into the skin leaving it comfortable and refreshed.It is not so thick.Since it has a water base, it doesn’t leave a shiny layer.It goes oil free and non greasy which I like the most. It gets drenched into the skin well.

It has a creamy texture and it hydrates very well. It doesn’t weigh down my skin and it is non sticky.I feel it is heavy to use on my oily skin and for day time use.I find this perfect for night time use.I have extremely dry skin in elbows,feet and leg. This cream smoothes the dry flakes and eczema.It has a floral smell which is slightly on the stronger side.The smell lingers.It gives no white cast and irritations.

  • No irritations
  • Light and thin
  • Creamy texture
  • Absorbed quickly by the skin
  • Hydrates well
  • Oil free and Non greasy
  • Smoothes dry flakes
  • Leaves skin soft
  • Non sticky
  • No white cast
  • Nice smell
  • Aqua base

  • A bit pricey but the quantity you get will last long
  • Tub packaging is unhygienic but this jar is travel friendly.You can use a spatula.
  • Smell being on the strong side might not suit sensitive noses. It is not pungent though.

Rating: 4/5
Recommendation: For dry skin and rough areas. It might be heavy for facial use during day time. It is perfect for use in night time and it will suit oily skin and all other skin types as it is hydrating and comes with an aqua base.

Final Word: I like this moisturizer as it is non sticky and non greasy.  I love applying this to the body after shower. It gives smooth and soft skin. I mix it to my foundation sometimes and use as a tinted moisturizer.