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Essence Lash Base Mascara

Essence Lash Base Mascara – Review & Swatches!


Did you ever know just like there is a makeup base for the face to apply under foundation, there is a base available for the eyelashes to use under the mascara? Essence has added Lash Base Mascara to their collection. I was curious to try it and here we go to its review.

Essence Lash Base Mascara

Product Claims:

The first lash base mascara by essence! Applied underneath mascara, it lengthens and thickens your lashes as well as providing extra volume. Simply apply the white lash base mascara texture and immediately cover with a coat of your favorite mascara. Suitable for use with contact lenses.

Essence Lash Base Mascara

How to use:

White & creamy mascara base for intense volume & lengthening effect.
1. Apply base
2. Immediately apply your favourite mascara on top.

Essence Lash Base Mascara

Price: Rs 349 for 9 ml

My Take on the Product:

Essence Lash Base Mascara is a white base over which you have to apply the black mascara for a better effect.

It is housed in a regular mascara tube with an applicator wand. The packaging and the base itself is completely white. Few details are given in bright orange. The packaging is sleek, attractive and convinient. It is travel friendly too.

The mascara wand is simple. It is kinda messy as the hairs are short and looks like they were chopped off in a hurry. The wand has a particular shape and I couldn’t draw it close to the root of my eye lashes since I was scared I will end up poking my eyes.The bristles are stiff but the wand is thin and flexible. This particular mascara is safe to use when you’re wearing contact lenses.

Essence Lash Base Mascara

The usage is similar to any other mascara. One needs to be careful while applying this because if you apply more and even if you see a white piece of hair in between the black lashes, it is going to be a little crazy. If you apply less it will make the black mascara appear grayish. It acts as a lash primer and preps the lashes for mascara application.

The hard bristles makes it difficult to work with this lash base mascara. The wand doesn’t separate the lashes on well and picks up and coats more than required amount on the lashes. It results in clumping. The formula is on the thicker side and I wish it was a bit thinner. The issue can be resolved by controlling the application of the product.

Essence Lash Base Mascara

To be honest, you will find only a little difference and not any wow effect. It is a boon for those with less lashes. It is budget friendly when compared to high end products like MAC or Smashbox.

The lash base mascara makes my lashes appear longer and voluminous. It also keeps mascara for longer. It is easier to remove. It takes only little of this product to achieve the desired eye makeup effect.

Essence Lash Base Mascara

Despite a few cons, It is a nice base to the mascara that adds a little extra. The con is that I find it a little tacky at times. It also doesn’t promise to moisturize the lashes. I agree that this is a smart addition by essence to their cosmetics range. Everyone should own atleast one of this in their vanity kit. The affordable price tag wont stop you from trying this one. Have you tried it yet?

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